Something for the weekend

[video] Oliver Jeffers’ author video is utterly charming (via Swiss Miss)

A New Yorker and a Londoner swap lives and blog it out

Advanced Style (Lois and Linda are my favourites)

How to write faster and get organised with Scrivener (I used Scrivener to write my book and LOVE it)

Healthy comfort foods | smoky root vegetable soup | five ingredients or less

[video] I wish I had the ovaries to do this

So cool: patterned paint rollers

30 accomplishments to be proud of

[video] It’s a snow day in most of the UK today, but it’s not as cold as it is here (that’s boiling water he threw into the air!)

Afterglow is my current favourite photography app | interview with the app’s creator

Lots of lovely desktop wallpapers over here

[video] Adoring this quirky Vanessa Bruno promo video

Happy weekend, loves!

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  1. Joy @ OSS

    Love this post. Can’t wait to check all the links out.

  2. Jo

    THAT’S Oliver Jeffers????? I seriously had no idea although I love his books. Wow. Big ol’ crush…

  3. Lindsay

    Thanks, I’m excited to read New Girls About Towns… it’s like The Holiday! :)

  4. angie

    ooooooooooooooh afterglow looks sexy!

  5. susannah


  6. Lauren Burkitt

    Awesome links as usual Susannah!
    I love your photos of the laundrette and the local shop, giving out good vibes!

    Happy Friday :)

  7. La plume et la page

    Have a lovely week-end Susannah!

  8. Alexandra

    Thank you for these weekly posts that give me permission to wander around the beauty of interweb for awhile ;-)

    I am really interested in Scrivener. My word for the year is Release and one of the things I would like to release is the book that is screaming inside me. I am trying to figure out what is holding me back and am achieving some clarity. i think that what i need is a safe place to be “messy” with my book. It seems like that is what scrivener is. Just wondering, was using it intuitive for you or was there a huge learning curve? i don’t need anything else to hold me back :-)
    Thanks again, Susannah!

  9. susannah

    It’s very easy to use. I don’t know half the things it can do but I don’t need to :) just open a new project and begin

  10. keishua

    checking out sciverner. there is a 30 day trial. your new course looks interesting, too. i have gotten out the habit of journaling.

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