Something for the weekend

20 great writers on the art of revision

Despite my reluctance to juice, I’m loving the explorations of Joy and Heidi

This made me drool

25 free romantic fonts

Which nutritional supplements should we take?

Celebrating 150 years of the London Underground: No Trousers on the Tube Day | the Tube in numbers | Proof that the Tube staff are awesome

11 branded buzzwords we should retire in 2013

Currently obsessed with this skincare range from New Zealand

A room with a view (from above)

[video] Love how commited and passionate this guy is

These book covers are so gorgeous

Andrea is truly the mistress of the Pola portrait

Beetroot soup & horseradish yoghurt | winter greens + crispy quinoa salad | ethereally smooth hummus

On turning 38 — truth and wisdom from Bella

You are beautiful

New Instagram loves: cucinadigitale | trishapapadakos

And finally, thank you so much for your kindness about yesterday’s post. I really do read every single comment and they mean the freakin world to me ~ thank you xo

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  1. Mary

    I refrained from commenting yesterday, but will say to imagine anyone has a life of unadulterated joy and good times (or lives a blog-perfect life) means one either wants to think that someone out there has a perfect life, or that they simply do not have many years under their belt.

    It takes courage to shed light (esp. in a public forum) on the dark corners of one’s soul. You have courage in abundance–don’t let go.

  2. Melissa

    some great links. I love that you posted a link to Kris Carr. I remember her documentary ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cancer’, from many years ago. I love following up with her. She is a superwoman. Everyone should try and get their hands on that film.

  3. Galia Alena

    I can testify to antipodes, I’ve been using it since I moved to Queenstown, a very dry part on NZ, bit of a contrast from humid Sydney, and their butter cleanser saved my skin- so yummy.
    And haha on the buzz words

  4. Janice

    thanks for the great links, great with a cup of tea on a saturday afternoon, I always find things that are interesting, sometimes inspiring, always worth a look.
    take care

  5. Eileen Weigand

    Beautiful links to amazing sights, sounds and words. Thank you!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!xo

  6. Vickie

    wonderful, thank you :)

    those pola portraits are so gorgeous

  7. Seph

    Beautiful round up of links you’ve put together- I love the idea of looking down into rooms!

  8. andrea

    oh lady, thank you. thank you so much for including me in your list of lovely, lovely links. such a joy to photograph you. xoxo

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