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Happy new year, lovelies!

I’m writing this post from my bed. Turns out a virus was contributing to the tiredness I mentioned in my last post and I’ve been in bed for the last three days… oh the JOY of it all. I’ve been waiting to get this sick since I returned from the book tour but somehow it never manifested. I now see how I haven’t really given myself a moment to breathe since I got back, so the moment I let myself relax the virus snuck in and here I am, in bed, forced to stop. Not a huge surprise but still rather annoying.

This wasn’t how I was expecting to write my word-of-the-year post. This is the fifth time I’ve purposely chosen a word to guide me through a year, and I’m always amazed at how powerful this practice is. My word for 2012 was BRAVE and I’ve wrung so much brave out of the last 12 months I’m not sure i have any left. “I have to be brave. I can do this” was my mantra on more occasions than I can count, right up until the 23rd of December when a visit to the doctor ended with a referral to the hospital on the 31st (now the 7th of January, thanks to the virus). I have to be brave. I can do this.

When I choose a word for the year I have in mind not only what i want to bring into my life but also what I know I’ll be facing in the new year. BRAVE made sense for a year filled with so many new experiences. BRAVE convinced me to move back to London. It persuaded me to join a dating site. It got me on every single flight last year and carried me through the overwhelm of being out in the world when i prefer to be at home.

I know BRAVE hasn’t finished with me yet. These last few months of unravelling have brought up a lot of stuff that needs to be aired and refolded, so I’ve reached out to a new therapist here in London and am starting the year with an improved support network in place. This feels like the best gift I can give myself right now, and it’s in no small part down to BRAVE for giving me the courage to look at what needs doing… and doing something about it.



So yes, choosing a word to guide you through the year is powerful stuff. I’ve known for a while what my word for 2013 is. When I reflected on all I wish to bring into my life, in all the different ways that might manifest, the word that felt right was… OPEN.

I want to be OPEN to new opportunities, new possibilities, new adventures

I want to keep my eyes OPEN to all the magic around me and capture it on film

I want to stay OPEN to help and support when I need it, and to be brave enough to reach out in the first place

I want to stay OPEN to all sides of my self, not rejecting parts that aren’t ‘good enough’

I want to be OPEN to new ways of thinking, new ways of being, new ways of living

I want to move through this new year with my heart OPEN — no more hiding, no more fear, no more waiting

Heart open. Eyes open. Mind open.



What’s your word for 2013?

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  1. Catherine Denton

    So beautiful Susannah, and what a perfect word OPEN is for your year. Thanks to your workbook, I know my word too, it’s DISCOVER. It encompasses my passion to learn, grow and become during 2013.

  2. Sheena


  3. EMC

    Mine is CREATE, backed up by PROLIFIC and DISCIPLINE with a little KINDNESS thrown in!

  4. rel


  5. Meg Manion Silliker

    perfect word for you!! my word this year is: SPARK
    + based on the changes i am working on for my business it is a good word for me….”anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst.” to receive and to give – to be aware of that through my lens specifically as i move forward to shoot more women in the “beauty” genre which i adore. an old noun definition of spark is: “a woman of outstanding beauty, charm, or wit” that is how i want every woman in front of my lens to feel. because we all HAVE a spark and we all ARE a spark.
    happy 2013 to us all!! xoxo

  6. lynn

    Funny I am planning on blogging about my word of the day later today. Last year my word was “Embrace” and for 2012 my word is “Simplicity.”

  7. Fiona

    This is a great post, i always appreciate your realness. and I chose open for 2011! I was definitely opened in unexpected ways :) this year for me it’s ENRICH.

  8. Julie

    Hmm. I think I want to be more brave because I am such a hider-outer. So I am borrowing your word. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to think about what I need. I need to and want to be more brave. To be seen.

  9. Katherine


    This is my third year selecting a word, and I know this one will keep prompting me throughout the year to progress.

  10. Rachel

    I have two words – Peace + Community. Big things are happening in early 2013 and I need peace to surround me to make things happen and my tribe of cheerleaders to help out! :)

  11. scamp (aka Shirley)

    OPEN was my word for 2012, and it’s moving forward with my word for 2013: DEEPEN. If OPEN gives you even half as much as it did me, you’re in for a glorious year!

    So good to meet you at the OBX, and do so hope that you are feeling better soonest!

  12. Shandi


  13. Raquel

    2013 is the year of the word SPARKLE for me!! Thank you for being so OPEN with your readers!!

  14. Courtney

    CONSCIOUS- as I continue to make choices on how to spend my time, how I interact with others, what and how I eat and how I spend my money.

    I truly enjoyed your workbook and have encouraged many others to try it out. Happy New Year!

  15. Maya

    Hello Susannah!

    Happy Sweet New Year to you…as you recover and take extra gentle care of yourself. I was very sick over Christmas which led to feeling depressed and lonely. Please know you are NOT alone. We, here, are all holding space for you to move through what you need to move through. We’re patient. And we feel moved about how you are choosing to care for yourself; we feel inspired to do that for ourselves. And yes, I write, ‘we’ because I know there is more than just me feeling this way. A lot more.
    Sending good energy your way for continued healing.
    And…on to my WORD…
    Thanks to your beautiful, thoughtful workbook, I now have my word for 2013: WELCOMING
    I was surprised by this word but it’s also not a surprise at all. 2012 was a year of HUGE change, transition, and HUGE growing pains as well. I wrote a post on it just yesterday – my 2012 year in review – mostly in pics. So, now that I am settling in to where I live, and who I have chosen to partner with, and gotten through the growing pains, I am open and welcoming in the new! New people. New creations. New plans. New insights. New A-HAs! New ways of expressing me. WELCOMING.

    Thank you for all that you share with us; thank you for being a huge inspiration to me and so many others!

    With love, Maya ox

  16. Megan

    Mine is “create.” Create opportunities for myself, create art, create a lifestyle and routine that I’m proud of. Happy 2013 to you, Susannah!

  17. Julia

    Three words for 2013: This Is Water

  18. Katherine

    I’m ready to…embrace!

    to put your arms around someone to show love or friendship
    to encircle or enclose
    an act of accepting something willingly or enthusiastically
    to take in with the eye or the mind
    to cling to; to cherish; to love

  19. Annika

    my word is: abundance

  20. kRISTINE

    Happy New Year!

    I loved reading your first post of the year. I like the word you chose “Open” … I look forward to seeing what you are working on this year.

    I have my first published poetry/photography book coming out early 2013, trying to find a proper word for me. I have much to look forward to.

    I wish you all the best in 2013!
    ~Kristine from Boston, MA

  21. Cat Athena Louise

    My word is EXPRESSIVE !

  22. lucy

    Receive. Beginner’s mind. Be receptive, open, listening, seeing, learning.

    Thank you for your Unravelling workbook – simply wonderful. Be well

  23. Sandra

    My 2013 word of the year is ARTIST. Because I am so afraid to become one. Because I’ve been trying to throw away my inclination to become one for a while now. Because it “makes no sense” that I want to be an artist. Because I will have to learn a lot. Because I will have to change a lot. I will try it for a year. And see what happens then.

  24. MJ

    Happy New Year lovely lady! Open is a perfect word. I say so because it was the word I chose for 2012 and it brought me so much joy and so much freedom. May it do the same for you!
    My word for this year is VOICE. It came to me as I realized that more than anything this year, I want to find my true voice, my truth, and connect with the gifts I’ve been given so that I may give it back to others. Finding voice is finding my purpose.

    Thanks for all you do Susannah, you are a true inspiration and have helped me grow in so many ways.
    Happy New Year…
    ps. feel better!

  25. Claire Millen

    Lovely post… I’m so very glad and happy that I discovered your blog this weekend. I printed out the Unravelling the Year ahead 2013 book and got up early yesterday to complete it. So glad I did… 2012 was an amazing year for me, so much change… I decided that CHANGE was my word for 2012. This year I’ve decided that VITALITY is my word. Having the capacity to grow and to develop (especially with broadening and finding my voice), to nurture myself and to feel revitalised, beautiful, fit and healthy. I’m in the process of writing a blog post for my word too. Can I just say how brilliant your booklet is and I’m definitely trying to find a way to join in on some of your courses.
    C xx

  26. Iris Ztarr

    My word for 2013 is Inspiration!

  27. Janice

    hi, I worked through your notebook – it was great thanks, my word for 2013 is Explore – possiblities, my city, opportunities, new marketing ideas, new blogs….
    you get the idea. The idea is to do more research, reading, looking, and learning to engage in my life with a more thoughtful, explorative and inquisitive.

  28. Gennifer

    My word for 2013 is FREEDOM. So excited about what this will bring into my life as well as what it well help me let go of. Happy New Year!!!

  29. Sharon Harkness

    I just finished with the 2013 workbook. Thank you. What a gift that was.
    My word is Acceptance. It just popped into my head immediately and at first I wanted to find a different word, but then I realized it was just perfect for me this year.

  30. Joan trench

    Really loving your blogs,hope your st’illness’ brings healing at the deepest level. My word for last year was presence which attracted some wondeful learning opportunities and therefore I have chosen the next step/word for this year as contribution.

  31. cinback

    My 2012 word was OPEN and it served me well. This year I have chosen PURSUE. I am constantly amazed at the power that this one little word can bring to your year. Blessings.

  32. Katy

    Thank you to all these lovely ladies’ comments. I’ve been reading them through and feel so encouraged to start expressing myself online (I’m a “newbie!” in that I look but hardly participate!). But there’s so much positive energy from all the comments. And thank you again Susannah for your wonderful workbook.
    My word for this year is COURAGE. There’s so many things my best friend and I want to do in order to start our own creative business. Just to see so many examples of women actually making their businesses legit online is incredibly inspiring. But we need to be courageous in order to try and not be afraid to fail! :)

  33. Christine

    My eldest daughter has synesthesia which means in her case she sees colors for letters and numbers. I asked her what she saw for 2013 and rather than telling me the color, she gave me the feeling it evoked – thus my word for the year is FRESH…….happy new year and I hope you feel better soon

  34. sandie

    A lovely post, Susannah, and as always from the heart. I am glad you are getting the rest you need finally. Sometimes we go in over drive and don’t realise or have time to do anything about it.
    OPEN is a wonderful word. Last year I chose Progress and it was indeed powerful and so true. This year I am still pondering but have a couple of ideas in mind. Hope your hospital appointment goes well and you are soon feeling spritely again.

  35. Galia Alena

    Love it. OPEN was my word for 2012. It was a glorious one. 2013 is GENEROSITY


  36. Laura M.

    INWARD. This surprised me — I was expecting to push out and into the world, but this word came to me awhile ago and has settled in with its rightness. Perhaps I need to cultivate my inner world more before I venture more obviously into the outer world. Last year was TRUTH and I find it has prepared me well for the new year.
    I did the workbook (thank you!) and was highly amused when I answered “I wish for 2013 to feel…quietly revolutionary.” My word may be a quiet one, but i think it is going to be a lot of fun!
    From one introvert to another (you may have an idea of how much courage it took for me to say hi to you in North Carolina, and you were so lovely and gracious) — blessings, thanks, and healing….

  37. SAbrina

    FLOURISH was last years word and served me well.

    I am borrowing BRAVE for this year, as I need some! I am moving to the other side of the planet and the thought of that is keeping me awake at night; exciting, new and terrifying adventures!

    I need BRAVE as it’s one bold word. After 2 abusive relationships and a wad of therapy, I’m ready to start dating again (after the move, obviously!)

    Wishing everyone all the best with their themes, may they serve you well :)

  38. Lauren

    Last year, I chose Leap. It served me well, as I ventured out on my own for the first time. I travelled. I leapt into so much new.

    This year, I’m going with Embrace. Finding that word made me feel open and full. I’ll be embracing where I am right now, embracing possibility, embracing those I love and what I love.

    Wishing you a wonderful, open 2013!

  39. Courtney Jones

    Open is a fantastic word for 2013. What a lovely concept. I especially like your goal to be open with yourself including the parts you don’t necessarily like.

    For 2013, my word is “energy”. I want to focus on fostering physical energy by taking better care of myself. And I want to live with more energy, so that I’m not bogged down – but can rather really be present and enjoy life.

  40. gina

    this is the first time i’m picking a word for the year and mine is TRY. hope you are feeling better ;)

  41. Dimitra

    It seems that my word for the year is FORWARD! (The exclamation mark is essential.) As in leave the past behind and move forward into the future to find out what’s next. My supporting words are writing, travel, open to new opportunities, and last but not least, fellowship. It sounds like it’s going to be a good year.

  42. Tara

    I love this idea…
    My word for 2013 is RELATIONSHIPS.
    Too often I find that my relationships don’t get the time or attention they deserve, so in 2013 they are going to be the number one priority.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  43. Missie Sue

    Hi Susannah,
    I just started doing your wonderful workbooks last year, when I chose the word POSSIBILITY for 2012. That word has taken me through an out-of-state move, the start of my graduate degree, the beginning of a yoga practice, and a richer, fuller social life. Thank you so much for your inspiration. My word for this year is PLEASURE. Often, I want to make everyone else in my life happy, and forget to listen to my own desires, or I get locked into past patterns, and overlook what I truly want now. This year, I want to suck the marrow out of every moment, and make each day a delight. Cheers to you in this bright new year.

  44. jeri


  45. Ashley

    Pause…taking time to pause. Be in the now. Pause and lean into the emotion Im feeling.

  46. Sharah

    I finished the workbook as the year turned over – thank you! My word for 2013 is Fearless.

  47. Eadaoin

    Happy new year Susannah! OPEN is a wonderful word for the year ahead, I hope it leads you to many more wonderful experiences and opportunities x

  48. Sabine

    Hey Susannah,

    thanks to your inspiring workbook I found mine very fast. I posted about my word 2013 “simple” here:

    Wish you a happy and exciting new year!
    xx Sabine

  49. La plume et la page

    OPEN is a very good word.
    I was thinking about it last few days and I finally chose DARE. I mut DARE this year and to have confidence in my capacities.

  50. AlMA

    Dear Susannah, I just needed to say,
    that I love you. <3

  51. Helen watson-jones

    Attract! I spent last year alone, healing, understanding and coming to terms with. This year I’m ready for love, for success and I’m attracting it to me with thought and deed.

    Thank you for all your words and pictures last year, you are an inspiration xx

  52. Phoe

    Inspire. But given the rough entry so far, grit might be a better one. Hoping your doctor’s appointment isn’t too scary or painful.

  53. Eileen

    My word is EMBRACE. I hope you feel better soon!!

  54. Patti

    I was so happy to see this post pop up in my bloglovin. I recently started a 365 project on my blog. 365 things to think, believe and do and Day one was to pick a word for your year. I chose “flow”. I just want smooth sailing and an anxiety/worry free year. thanks for sharing with us! xo

  55. becky

    my word is *consistency*

  56. Alexis

    my word is challenge. i plan on challenging myself physically, as well as on new prospects professionally. 2012 word was presence.

  57. Rachel

    Open is such a great word! Last year I chose BECOMING and it kicked my arse in all sorts of ways. This year I want to focus on how I want to feel and, having mulled over and dismissed about 5 different words so far, I have finally settled on NATURAL. I’m about halfway through the workbook and I seem to be writing so much more than I did last year!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon lovey- Happy New Year to you x

  58. Rhianne

    Oh I just love your word, especially

    “I want to keep my eyes OPEN to all the magic around me and capture it on film.”

    That is exactly what I want to do too.

    My word this year is ‘alleviate’ – its more of a doing word compared to last years and I’m already excited about it.

    Feel better soon x

  59. Marsaille

    Open is wonderful. Happy New Year! My word for the year is Light. Resolutions are so much easier than working with a word. Words are more intimidating!

  60. Patti L

    I like your word. I also try to remember words of years past and keep them going all along…to me that is part of a better process to being true to myself.

    My word for this year is Jump! like the song. And I’m a little scared by it, but that’s good.

  61. Helen

    This year will be my LEAP year! To leap is, I think, to approach life with enthusiasm and faith and to stretch beyond what is comfortable and known. I know I can do this…

  62. Mary in VA

    my word for 2013 is forward. I’m ready to move forward with my life and the plans I’ve made. I’m ready to move forward with the techniques I learned in 2012. I’m ready to see what is on the other side of the mountain, but I can’t do that if I don’t move forward.

  63. Amanda

    This is wonderful. I love the idea of picking a word for the new year. Mine would be “Simplify” I need to simplify my life. Less stress is very much needed.

  64. Carolyn

    I’ve been trying to settle on a word for about two weeks now, but last night as I was drifting off to sleep I was jolted awake with the word BELIEVE. As in I need to believe in myself more, believe I can make the changes I’m contemplating and believe I can heal too. Thanks so much for the workbook — it’s a great way to get sorted for the new year!

  65. Ani

    I had totally considered ‘open,’ too, but then my word revealed itself to me as I was going through your workbook (thank you very much, btw). GROW. Grow relationships, grow positivity and hope, grow creativity.

  66. paula

    I just posted my new word on my blog then proceeded to check in on my favorites. I couldnt believe it when I saw the word you had chosen. OPEN is my word also for 2013. I chose another but I couldnt move away from open. I look forward to following your journey as this word unfolds for you as well.
    Feel better.

  67. susannah

    love it! :D

  68. LB

    Feel better soon, Love! I think its wonderful you’ve chosen “OPEN” as your word for 2013. This is my third year choosing a word. “OPEN” is the word I chose my first time around. It’s a good word and a perfect follow up to BRAVE. For me, this year is the year of YES! :) xoxo

  69. Becki

    Oh my! I chose the word “OPEN” in the shower this morning…and just now saw your post. SO awesome! :)

  70. Babu

    Mine is “align”. Have a wonderful 2013, Susannah!

  71. Robin

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick. I spent Christmas week in bed with the flu virus; I can sympathize and hope you are on the mend soon!

    My word for 2013 is bright.

  72. TJ Wood

    Sorry you’ve been under the weather. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    My word would be “fearless.” I copied a quote to the white board in my office a few weeks ago from Joseph Chilton Pearce:
    “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
    Acting fearless will guide me to more creativity.

  73. Aggie

    OPEN totally worked for me last year!

    I hope it brings as much unexpected joy and fulfillment to you as it did me.

    Happy New Year, Sus! And feel better soon xoxo

  74. Emily

    I love you your photo captured the essence of your new word.

    My word for 2013: ROOTING

  75. maureen

    Although I’m a bit hesitant to commit to this word, it evokes a bit of fear within me, the word I feel I must choose for 2013 is…love. I want to love myself more, love others more, and I’m hoping that perhaps this is the year I can finally open myself to experiencing love in a relationship. Although it’s been over four years since I’ve been divorced, it’s still sometimes shocking to discover just how many walls and barriers I’ve built against this very emotion; I don’t want to lock everything out anymore. In order to experience grandeur, mystery, magic, and love, we must first be willing to let it in, and with that, the risk of letting in all of the other less desireable emotions as well. Thank you for This I Know, both your book and your blog are sources of comfort and inspiration. xox

  76. Stacy

    Great word, open. I’m going with Celebrate. I think 2013 will give me many things to celebrate…. both big and small.

    Feel better!!

  77. Melissa Jaine

    Hey Sus – I smiled, big, when I saw your word. “Open” was my word for 2011 and you were kind enough to leave a beautiful comment back then, so how could I not here! :) It sounds like the perfect word for you this year – you mentioned that 2013 isn’t so planned out which leaves space for openness, newness, and gorgeousness!

    I have found that “Open” is still working its way through me. I’m more open now, than I’ve ever been – and you and your courses and workbooks have played a big part in that. Thank you.

    My word for 2013 is “Committed”. I’ve been flitting around trying to find my thing for SO long – and lord knows I’ve written this several times in this space :). But I’m settled now, I know what I want to do and be, but still being open to however it comes along.

    Big love to you.

  78. Jade Sheldon

    What a great word. Cannot wait to see how your 2013 unfolds…

  79. DesignbyJen

    Hi Susannah – though I haven’t done my workbook yet, OPEN is also my 2013 word. I need a little bit of BRAVE to be OPEN, but I’m going to give it a shot! DIRECTION served me well last year even though I didn’t quite end up where I thought I would. I spent yesterday morning rereading my workbook from last year and was pleased to see how many of those things I actually achieved. It was an encouraging way to begin the day and year.

    Cheers to you! Hope you are on your way to recovery soon. xx

  80. Helena

    I am also sick in bed with the flu and it’s driving me bonkers. I hope we both feel better quickly. I chose the word CHANGE as my word for this year. There are many things that I want and need to change and it will be a reminder to accept these changes as a positive growth. Here’s to 2013! <3

  81. Meg

    I think my word – well two of them – picked me: RIPPLES & EDGES. They seem to have kindly taken me by the hand as guides and companions. They may at first seem mutually exclusive, even contradictory, but not to me. Here’s why:
    Happy 2013!

  82. phyllis

    Hi Susannah hope you are feeling better.
    Open is a great word, we need to stay open
    To all the opportunities off 2013.
    I agree you have to be brave to be open,
    and have a firm foundation of self worth and
    knowledge. My word for 2013 is cherish.
    Thank you for the fantastic workbook.

  83. Jane

    Ooh, that’s a ripper of a word, Susannah. Mine is ‘grow’ – I posted about it at J x

  84. SALLY

    Simple but brilliant idea. I am going to allow myself two words, acceptance and strength. From acceptance of what may have happened this in turn gives us the knowledge and strength to go foward with our new lives. I am going into my new life knowing I have strength & knowledge ready for what may be. Beautiful writing, always calming me, many thanks.X

  85. Debbie

    I love the 2013 word, “open”. I’m finalizing my word as I think while making a 12 hour drive home on Friday. It’s probably going to be “conscious”, because oh how I need to “wake up” and get a grip!

    Thanks for sharing your life for all of us to learn from.

    Happy New Year!

  86. Laura

    My word for 2012 was “balance”

    This year’s word is “forward”

  87. Carry

    Reading the word you chose and everyone else’s words is so inspiring! Thank you for posting your workbook. My word for 2013 is CONNECTION.

  88. Cat

    a word full of possibilities

    brave brought you to open…definitely

    love and light

  89. Kimberley

    This year’s word is ‘Complete’. I am the queen of half finished projects, good intentions, false starts and unkept promises. So Complete; in the sense that I finish what I start, and also, that I find that satsifying sense of completion in myself, by not taking on more than I can handle, in keeping things within a boundary I can cope with.

  90. Sherri

    I like your word and I think I will hold on to that one as well, but I think my word for this year will be thankful. I have been through a tough last two years and unfortunately I have been finding it has made me more negative and kinda crabby. So, I want to foster a spirit of thankfulness, starting by every evening writing 5 things in my journal that I am thankful for. From the small and mundane all the way up to the biggies. I think it is helping already! Thank God! See, thankful again!!!!!

  91. rebecca

    My word is: DETERMINED!

    To get my grades, to get healthier, to wake up earlier…..I think I am going to need every once of determination to get through this year.

  92. lonestarsky

    Fantastic choice of word! I had considered open and conscious, but have gone for AWARENESS instead. I sometimes feel I go through life without really noticing what’s going on around me – I want to be aware of my surroundings, how I treat myself and others, my path in life, my attitude, how I spend my time, whether I’m happy or not…I hope this will help me find my place in life and move on to inspire others.

    Hope 2013 will be wonderful for you, and that you’ll feel better soon xx

  93. Sarah moyar


  94. Annette Gendler

    OK, haven’t done this before, but inspired by you, here’s my word

  95. Michelle gutmann

    Wonderful stuff. Open is such a profound word, especially knowing your intense past. I think that words fits me too, as my past is similar. I lost my husband a year and half ago. I chose the word “FLIRT” before seeing this post. I’m looking forward to opening my heart and mind in several different directions and different goals that I have, personally and professionally, that the word “Flirt” seemed to stick. For me it means, having the confidence to believe I can do it, in this new journey I’m on. To have fun and appreciate all the moments. Happy 2013 to everyone!

  96. Erika

    Thanks for always being so OPEN about your goals and where you are at! Should be an exciting word to guide you through the year!

    My word for this year is CONNECT. I’m really excited to be a better friend and deepen the connections I have as well as make new ones. :)

  97. a Kelso

    My word…I just picked it, although it’s been in my head for some time…is FORWARD. 2012 was a year of passing, disappointment, unpleasant revelations, and unwanted stuff. Now I am moving FORWARD, into the unknown, the future, projects, life. It might mean a part of a book. Humm… It will mean the class I’m teaching starting next week. It does mean something to look FORWARD to. It also means no looking back. FORWARD is a good direction, a new journey, a life recreated. Yeah!!

  98. Heather-Lee

    This is my first year choosing a word, and the first one that came to me is STRONG. I tried out lots of others, not sure if this one was appropriate for the project, but I kept coming back to it. I need to be strong to take care of a new baby and a toddler. I want to be strong enough to pursue my dreams and goals despite the grind of daily life. I want to build strong friendships and partnerships in our community. Thank you so much for this opportunity to explore!

  99. alexandra

    My word for 2013 is RELEASE. Release my creations into the world. Release old hurts, wounds, feelings. Release ways of being that no longer serve me. Release physical energy by exercising. I hope that in releasing I will make room to let in the wonderful.
    Thank you for being you, doing what you do, and giving us all so much of yourself and your talents. Happy 2013!

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