Things I want to remember

Pink hair he painted himself. Pink is his favourite colour. How he copies us and learns so fast. His fascination with my make-up bag — the eye liner he daubed on his eye lid when I wasn’t looking. Lipstick dabbed on, too. He’s always dancing, he’s like our own miniature Billy Elliot. Pingu and Tractor Tom. Tractors and trains in general. Going to the zoo and seeing the lion cubs! The penguins! The snakes! He liked the lizards, too. Making some cooking — his recipe included 2 eggs, milk, grated ginger and apple (he insisted on them being grated), biscuit crumbs and purple food colouring. Skyping with nana. He knows his way around the iPad better than me (he calls it the “pie pad”). Spinning round till we fall over — he giggles and shouts “wobbly! wobbly!” meaning he’s dizzy, then falls over (I lasted 4 goes at this and then was so dizzy i thought I’d throw up. Noah was not fazed by this in the slightest and insisted we “DO IT AGAIN!”). Dancing to this over and over. Balloon football with daddy. Bedtime snuggles on the sofa with mummy. He uses his potty like a champ! Singing songs from Tangled – when he sings along to this one i have tears rolling down my cheeks, it’s just so sweet and touching. I get spontaneous kisses now, and even when they’re snotty and mixed with broccoli, I treasure every one.

He is my favourite boy in the whole wide world.

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  1. Louise

    and letting him do all those exciting things, I’m sure you’re the best auntie in the world x

  2. Anne-Marie

    What a wonderful memories. And how fantastic it is that we allow boys now to try out make-up and enjoy the colour pink. Same with my grandsons. One even dressed up like a girl for Halloween. None of us thought that was strange. Have some more pink hair Noah.

  3. Jane Cornwell

    Thank you for bringing a big smile and yes, tears at the tenderness and joy of this post.
    I love the photo and your wonderful words. xo

  4. kathryn

    kids are a blast…and you’re a wonderful aunt!!

  5. Sherri B.

    What a sweet boy! I kept a journal of the funny and /or sweet things my daughter said as a toddler so that I’d never forget them. I’m so glad I did that! It’s those small moments that are the most precious.

  6. Sherry Smyth

    This one was, is and always will be my favourite age for children…it’s the joy, innocence, exploration, experimentation and the sharing of personality as it blossoms. And I’m certain that he knows he is your favourite boy in the whole wide world. I’m thinking he thinks you are the best auntie in the whole wide world too! xo

  7. Vickie

    what a wonderful collection of memories, thank you for sharing them :)

  8. Jo

    He’s like an infant Bowie. Which is awesomely cool. (I hear Bowie demanded ‘grated’ on his rider throughout the 70s and 80s.)

  9. Inna

    What an adorable kiddo.
    Xo Inna
    Baking in Couture

  10. LexIchelle

    How lucky we are to be aunties to fantastic little boys! Love when you post about Noah. xx

  11. Amanda

    My daughter loves Tangled! We always sing along to the songs together. I especially love the one you linked. My favorite.

  12. La plume et la page

    Your nephew is wonderful. And the first picture very funny! (Hide your make-up!)

  13. Rhianne

    I love tangled, I’d cry at that too definitely (actually I did cry at that in the cinema lol, so imagine me with a nephew!)

  14. Emily

    Lovely! You must listen to The Moth’s story “Oliver’s Pink Bicycle.”

    I heard it this past weekend – gloriously heartfelt – and then came to check in here today. So serendipitous!

  15. Cindy

    ohdearlord, he is ADORABLE!!!!!!

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