Unravel Your Story

It was while painting on a hillside in Italy that Megg, Sas and I came up with the idea for our retreat. It’s probably bit of a cliche dreaming up a retreat while ON a retreat, but being away from our routines for a few days gave us the space to think bigger. We talked about connections and soul work and how essential it is to take time out for yourself to keep you sane. We imagined bringing a group of women together in the autumn and sinking into the luscious English countryside, toasting crumpets by an open fire and napping before dinner. We pictured the healing that comes from sharing stories and digging into our life experiences. And the more we talked about it, the more excited we got.

So I’m delighted to announce that our dream has become real. In October 2013 we’ll gather with 27 women in a gorgeous manor house in the Somerset countryside for Unravel Your Story, five soul-nourishing days to get back to the heart of who you truly are. We’re bringing our three superpowers together to create an experience that will stay with attendees for years to come. I’m British so I don’t like to hype things up unnecessarily, but it’s going to be bloody brilliant :)

Plus, this is the only in-person teaching I’ll be doing this year so if you can join us I’d love to see you there!

Learn more about the retreat over here. Registration opens next Tuesday at 4pm GMT. Check your time zone here. x

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  1. cococita

    This sounds SO great and what an enchanting beautiful location!

  2. SweetMarie83

    This sounds so incredibly epic. I’d give anything to go to something like this. Hopefully someday. :-) I’m tentatively planning a trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England in September…it’s been about 11 years coming, and I feel this is the year, so at least I’ll finally get a break and a chance to do some unravalling on my own, and experience the beauty of these countries! :-)

  3. Sherry Smyth

    Oh this is so tempting. Something inside me is saying “you need to do this” — now to figure out logistics to see if I can!

  4. elizabeth

    oh I was THERE when you three muses were swirling and sparkling with creative light– and OH I will so be THERE in the English country manor with you all and ALL the other spirits gathering for the weekend that I cannot wait to meet– cannot WAIT!

    xo, e

  5. Cheryl

    Looks lovely and starts on my birthday. Very tempting….

  6. jane

    this brings tears of joy… so much good here <3
    brava you three <3

  7. tegan @tinksimplicity

    Want to experience this so badly… wishing right now that sydney and england were neighbours!

  8. tegan @tinksimplicity

    ps. I’m trying to join the retreat mailing list but it keeps telling me that my email addresses are invalidxx

  9. Laura

    Sounds lovely! What is the meal in the first picture? Looks delicious and love the heart shapes!

  10. Lauren Burkitt

    This makes me so happy. If I didn’t live an ocean away, I would be first in line to buy my ticket to this retreat. What an amazing opportunity. If you decide to offer this again, I will make a trip to London out of it!
    Smiles from Vancouver,

  11. Esmé

    I’m already plotting out the practicalities to make it to this — could you speak a bit about how one would get from the closest international airport to Somerset? Especially if said person has never traveled in Europe before?

  12. susannah

    The house is two hour’s drive from London. You can also get a train really easily — we’ll send travel advice to all attendees!

  13. susannah

    Fly into Heathrow x

  14. Esmé

    Oh, phew – I am glad there is a train, because I do not know how to drive, and would be incredibly terrified to drive in England! Thank you, also, for providing the information about which airport to fly into.

  15. india flint

    happy birthday

  16. Carin

    oooh, this sounds so me. Off to check out the details now!

  17. Giovanna

    HI Susan, where do I get the Exploring the Senses Ebook? Is that out yet? Thank you!

  18. susannah

    Hi Giovanna, the ebook is free to my mailing list subscribers. if you sign up in the box on the homepage you’ll get the ebook emailed to you x

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