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Not much time for blog posts this week as I’m saving all my words for Journal Your Life, my brand new class that starts this coming Monday! Always feel a bit nervous before sharing a new course, but it’s mixed with lots of excitement too. Like all my courses, this one is really close to my heart — I’ve even been buying new notebooks and calling it ‘research’ ;-)

I’ll leave registration open till Sunday, so if you’d like to join us there’s still time to sign up over here xo

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  1. Anna Simmonds

    These photos are fantastic, I had a good giggle at the yarn wig. What serious conversation was being had then, I wonder?

    Buying notebooks as research sounds like the life. ;)


    He’s gorgeous :) I love the matching tattoos! xx

  3. susannah

    he wanted us to be matching :)

  4. Julene

    Love the matching tattoos. Noah is getting so big…where does the time go. My own nephews are going to be 1 and 3.5 in a couple of weeks. How’d that happen? It seems like only yesterday they were wee babes.

    Sending good thoughts to you for the start of the new course.

  5. kathryn

    you’ll never regret time spent with your adorable nephew…that is time well spent!!

    (can’t believe how big his is getting!!)

  6. Sherry Smyth

    Can’t wait to start the course! And I love the “matching” tattoos….the yarn wig is rather fun as well!

  7. Debbie Howard

    He is quite the cutie!

  8. mo

    am SO looking forward to the start of class … yeay! and your nephew reminds me so much of my 3 grandnephews, all age 2. so funny, so creative, so unpredictable, and all like little sponges, soaking up everything anyone says to them. so precious!! how lovely that you live close enough to each other to spend so much time together … lovely.

  9. Lauren Burkitt

    He is just the sweetest thing. What a character!
    I finally got a chance to listen to your live chat with the MamaCoach girls last night. I was so excited, I got my notepad all ready before I pressed play. It was so great to “hang-out” with you for an hour and listen to everything you had to say. Thank you for sharing your journey, it was just the inspiration I needed. I’m looking forward to joining in on one of your e-courses soon, hopefully the photo meditations!
    Sending love and smiles from Vancouver.

  10. Alexis

    Looking forward to your journaling course Monday. I bought new notebooks to play in too, a few moleskines and some funky ones, but I might take notes in an old spiral I find hanging around.

  11. maura

    Lovely photos, he’s looks a lot like you.
    Can’t wait to start the course on Monday
    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. keishua

    love the yarn wig. too cute.

  13. Kate

    Hi Susannah, looks like I missed the boat on the journalling course, but if anyone drops out at the last minute, I would love the opportunity to take their place! Cheers

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