Something for the weekend

Really want this notebook

19 very clever things to do with coconut oil

[video] The Empathic Civilisation

Pappardelle scarpariello | almond chicken soup | sweet potato hash with sausages & eggs

A full moon forgiveness ceremony

Such gorgeous pottery

Mary Gordon on the joy of notebooks and writing by hand

[video] The Gypsy Gentleman in Paris

Backyard photos of the sun

The benefits of strategic renewal

Intrigued by Darling magazine | savouring Amulet

I’m seriously considering a trp to Denmark to see this

And finally, the first session of Journal Your Life is filling up fast. If you want to learn how to journal consistently, or to deepen your current journalling practice, please do join us! x

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  1. Tamara Motschenbacher

    I love the sites you’ve shared with us today! Thanks!

  2. Juliann

    thank you, thank you, thank you! So much great inspiration in this post – especially love the link to Mary Gordon’s thoughts

  3. Jill Little

    This may be my favorite “something for the weekend”! I usually look at a little every day and make it last a few days. But it’s not even Friday night yet and I’ve seen it all! Excellent collection! Thanks!

  4. Nathalieso

    I have considered signing up for your journalling e-course, but I’m a seasoned journal user (morning pages, gratitude lists, collage, mandalas, you name it), so I feel a bit like if I would be paying to join a community…

  5. susannah

    Sounds like the right decision, love! That was why I included the info about who the course was for xx

  6. Charmaine

    Love all the links but favs for this week are the jealous curator blog and the article at New York Times about energy. Keep up the great work. Like I said last week, better than the weekend newspaper.

  7. Nathalieso

    I was really sad tho! I loved your Unravelling ecourse!
    Didn’t you have in mind at some point to create a platform for women to meet ? That would be lovely.

  8. susannah

    Perhaps that’s something I’ll do in the future :)

  9. Moondaughter

    Hi Susannah, what a beautiful list to share! I am honored you included my Full moon ritual! Thank you so much! xoxo

  10. La plume et la page

    The post about the benefits of renewal is really interesting and give good advice!

  11. charlotte

    OMG! I loved the photos of the sun- especially the yellow and pink ones.
    The pottery website was amazinf as well- my mum would love to buy some for her new kitchen!!!
    I also really want to go to Chinatown and try out some chicken and sweetcorn soup.
    Loving your posts as always

  12. charlotte

    the infinity room is also pretty epic, that is coming from someone who is claustrophobic!

  13. charlotte

    Totally argeeing with the darling magazine about women!

  14. charlotte

    Its great to be recognised world wide as a women, especially if your from the more male dominated societies like Iran and Iraq.
    Love you all lots

  15. Barbara

    Oh my gosh,loved the sites you shared with us today. Can’t wait to try the recipes. Thanks ever so much for making my day. Barbara L

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