Something for the weekend

I think this might be my favourite Simple Things Polaroid combo yet!

The best break-up lines in films

Lovely floral desktop wallpapers

[video] Edie & Thea – this trailer made me teary

Naturally dyed eggs

10 old fashioned swears to spice up your cussin’

So tempted by Project Bly‘s global goodies

The Empathy Workout – smarts from Martha

Toasted oak ice cream | fig, vanilla & sour cream popsicles | happy hour hot fudge milkshake

Loving Moorea‘s 52 Lists project

The 38 best methods of successful exercisers – inspiration from Leo

Inspiring: design that pops

Victoria’s interviewed on the Everygirl

The Period Store – such a great idea! (via Nita)

The edible cookbook | sending animals

The joy that awaits her – love this post from Shauna

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! xo

5 responses
  1. Stacey

    Oh my goodness! I am in love with the 52 Lists project. As a past Blogging from the Heart student and a current journaling student, I can’t wait to incorporate these lists in to both of my practices… And by the way, I am loving the journaling class. What a treasure!

  2. Sherri B.

    Those old-fashioned swears made me smile…I think I’ll swap out my old, tired cussing words for these. I need a change! :)

    I will also check out Poor Man’s Feast – that was a lovely post by Shauna and brought back beautiful reading memories for me with my own daughter (who’s 21 now).

    Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing these great links.

  3. Marthe

    Whoa, I am really intrigued by the Period store!

    And Leo has inspired me to work out, be healthy and get rid of a few possessions – as always. ;)

    Hope you are having a great Easter!



  4. kira

    The Edie and Thea trailer also made me tear up. Hope you are feeling better soon. keep eating the yummy looking chicken soup.

  5. Katherne

    Ohhh there were some gems in here this week…thanks, as always, for gathering them!

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