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I just received some feedback from a kind-hearted blog reader who enjoys my blog but feels a little disappointed when ‘Something for the weekend’ is still hanging around long into the week. So I thought perhaps it was time to give you a wee update on what’s happening in my world.

I’ve just started running my new course, Journal Your Life, which I’m loving putting together and seeing everyone geek-out with our mutual love for stationery and self-enquiry. Whenever I run a course my first priority is always to the participants — I’m honoured that anyone would choose to take a course with me and i want to make sure they have the best experience possible, so i put all my heart and soul into these classes. As Journal Your Life is brand new I’m currently writing 1000+ words a day to create the content. Unfortunately this doesn’t leave me much brain for blog posts, hence the sparsity of posting lately. SFTW posts are easy and fun to put together but I’m not a fan of ‘filler’ posts — you know the ones? The posts that are just there to fill a space — I’d rather wait till i have time to write something with a bit of grit in it.

I’m also currently enjoying a cold that’s morphed into a sinus infection, so I’m doing the best i can to juggle the balls and not beat myself up about the ones that fall down (there have been many *ahem*).

There’s quite a few posts I’d love to sit down and write, but right now my first priority is my course.  So for the next few weeks new posts here will be sparse as I focus all my energy on making the journalling course the absolute best it can be. But hey, my 7-year blogiversary is coming up soon…. definitely want to write something for that. I’ll be back with tales of my perfume obsession and antics with anti-depressants before you know it ;-)

Love you guys. Thanks so much for being here xo

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  1. eva


  2. Fanny

    Thank you for being honest and open, as always, with your readers. We all go through different seasons of productivity and rest. It is okay for this space to be quiet. It is okay for some of us to be disappointed, to miss your words. Knowing where your best energies should go and heeding that wisdom is a deep form of self-care, and it is important that there be models of that online. I do hope you feel better soon. Hugs. (( ))

  3. Shan

    Do what you need to to, lovely. Take care of yourself, first and foremost. x

  4. jane

    honey please know that when i see you quieter i think you are in integrity and practising self care. It gives us permission to be in self care, attending to other things too when you have an eddy in the river of your words here. Love you sister <3

  5. karen

    I enjoy your weekend linking. I think blogging is such a fluid activity and sometimes it goes with great gusto or sometimes not. Love that your successful in your endeavors :)

  6. sas


  7. SweetMarie83

    We all love you so much I’m sure we’d be happy to hear from you every day but it’s not always possible. Anyone who knows you at all knows how busy you are, and I think it’s amazing you put the majority of your focus on your courses – they help people on such a deep level. We’ll all still be here whether you post once a week or every single day – you do what you need to do! Also, FEEL BETTER. Tell that cold/sinus infection to bugger off. ;-) <3

  8. susannah

    okay, that made me tear up :) thank you honey

    and thank you all! xxxx

  9. Lisa Sonora Beam

    Go Gently…

    Sound like your reader is saying, “I miss you and want more!”. :)

    I think you are SO generous with your blog…OMG, I wish I could be more like you.

    I share a ton of my personal process with my students, too, so it’s a balance. Would love to share more publicly. More often.

    You are a beautiful spirit, and I love what you are doing.


  10. Debra

    xoxo and we’ll all be here when you get back.

  11. Catherine

    Thank you for prioritizing us, course participant.

    You are ‘active’ in the online world most days anyway – instagram, facebook etc. :P

  12. cococita

    I am one of the happy and blessed participants of ‘Journal Your Life’ and you’re doing great things Susannah! Such a joy to have found many more stationery and self-enquiry addicts.
    Breathe in, breathe out and follow your heart: you are the only one who knows when the time is right to post a new blog post.
    Feel better soon!
    Warm hug and plenty of healing sunrays from the south of France

  13. Leigh

    You are such a beautiful soul, I hope you feel better soon and take all the time you need like everyone else has said if you blog once a week, month, every day it doesn’t matter we will all still be here reading. I consider myself lucky to have been apart of a couple of your e-courses now and you should be so proud of them and all the hard work you put into them. I have plans to do more of them this year! Love your blog, words and you. xx

  14. Aime Lopez

    Thanks God, I didn’t ask first, but well I admit that I miss your blogs too.. :) but i understand you have the course (that looks GREAT!) and you need time for yourself!! and more now that you are sick :( … I hope you get better soon!! and that the fairies of your dreams open your mind and help you to write us soon… <3 , take good care. best wishes!!…. Love and Harmony!… Aime.

  15. Parisa

    Good luck with your course honey :) ! xoxo

  16. Sheila Bergquist

    Get better soon! I love your SFTW posts and treasure your regular posts, but understand how important it is for you to pay special attention to your courses. It was good of you to explain why you won’t be posting as much. Take care.

  17. Felicity

    I haven’t usually written any comments to a blog before but was so moved by your honesty and loyalty to your readers that I just had to write to thank you! I have read both your books and these have been so wonderful and have had such a positive impact on my life. Thank you for being you, the wonderful soul that you are xo

  18. Vickie

    hope you feel better soon & keep having fun with your course :)

  19. Vicki

    I am of the mind “write when you have something to write about” and that’s what you do Susannah, no filler, no nonsense. I look forward to your entries and I love the surprise of opening your blog and finding a new post whether it’s been a day, a week or a month. Share when you can and don’t feel pressure to provider filler. Your writing and sharing is beautiful. Take care of that cold. Peace, Vicki

  20. michelle gd

    i’m pretty sure no one’s going anywhere…i’d much rather wait for the real and gritty you than have filler.
    take care of you and what you know needs taking care of. {but especially that sinus infection} xo

  21. La plume et la page

    I wish you a good course Susannah!

  22. Juli

    Sending get well, stay strong, we love you hugs back!

  23. Fiona

    you have no idea how many times I’ve felt I *should* write something for the blog just to throw it up there. It’s a complusion for me. Your posts are the opposite of that, always meaty and rich and saying something important. Rest, and mind that cold. xo fiona.

  24. Cindy

    I want to second all of the comments above, most especially Fanny’s! It is refreshing and inspiring to see the ebb and flow of posts, to know that sometimes you prioritize other things, to see the example you set of NOT posting “filler” and how you care for yourself…I come to your blog as a respite & sanctuary from the world of constant “keeping up.” Thank you for all that you do and give!

  25. Thursday

    I’ve recently had a bout of sinus infections and trying to do anything with what feels like billiard balls banging round my head every time I move is an extreme effort so hugely impressed you’re doing as much as you are. Cold compresses on the forehead (Body Shop do one of those gel things you put in the fridge) are good, as are steamy inhalations with eucalyptus and tea tree oil and prescription strength Sinutab. Feel better soon.

  26. Anna Simmonds

    I’ve been missing your posts too but have understood you’re pretty busy! Have enjoyed reading your pieces in The Simple Things mag and browsing the archives in the meantime. Hope the course is going well! xo

  27. Marthe

    Don’t worry, we are here until you are ready. Of course, we miss you, but your class participants and your health is waaaay more important!

    Much love!

  28. Melinda

    An idea for those of you who are hungry for more…last night I went back to Susannah’s very first blog entry and am working my way back to the first. How wonderful to see the process. And I had never read it from the beginning. I also look back over my two classes as I always find new things to think about. Blessings on all and a big YES to self care. I’m a girl who has just now at 56 given myself permission and it is changing my life. Unravelling was the first door i opened. Eternally grateful. Melinda

  29. susannah

    wow, love, that’s a lot of blog posts to work through! ;-) xx

  30. Kathryn

    looking forward to the your future posts that I’m sure will be full of your usual wisdom. :)

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