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  1. Marianne

    Your take the most gorgeous photos. This collection makes me want to dance. I love all the bits of pink through it. x

  2. Caryn

    Lovely images that remind me of how much I’ve been missing the city. Thanks for sharing, Susannah. :-)

  3. Roxanne

    Lovely! Those magnolias are magic. And Pen looks lovely in that photo!

  4. kira

    Great set of photos. I especially loved the one with the queen.

  5. Sherry Smyth

    You make “phonetography” look so good!

  6. Jade Sheldon

    Love all the purple sneaking in to your lately…

  7. Vickie


  8. Letitia @ Lillie Magazine

    So breathtaking those flowers…

  9. Phyllis King

    Love your photographs, they remind me of
    my days in London. The long walks of visual
    delights around every corner.
    I miss London.

  10. Mathilda

    Beautiful :-)

  11. La plume et la page

    London forever! I love your pictures.

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