Something for the weekend

[video] Tina’s SXSW talk about the 11 rules and values she lives by in her professional and personal life

‘Ogooglebar’ and 14 other Swedish words we should incorporate into English immediately

Christopher Walken | Morgan Freeman | Ethan Hawke

3 paths toward a more creative life

[video] The basics of parallel universe hypotheses – woah!

This pin

On writing post-fatherhood — wisdom from Austin

One of my favourite photographers: Francesca Woodman

Baked oatmeal | mango cashew sunshine bites | coconut bread

How to do less and live more — smarts from Kris

Creative breakfasts | artistic food

(this is awesome) How far is it to Mars?

60 tiny love stories to make you smile (via Sarah)

And finally, Unravelling and Photo Meditations start this Monday – come join us!

Happy weekend, everyone! xo

5 responses
  1. Vickie

    oh, those love stories are so beautiful :)

  2. Lauren Burkitt

    What a great start to my Friday!
    Thanks for sharing Susannah.

    Smiles from Vancouver : )

  3. Vicki

    Those 60 tiny love stories made me cry

  4. Ellen Bulterman

    I absolutely love the 60 Tiny Love Stories! You just made my weekend — Thanks, Susannah!

  5. Alexis Zinkerman

    And you are a darn good teacher too!

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