Something for the weekend

When you see yourself in a bad picture

[video] Let’s get naked

How not to be funny — I heart Jason

Looking forward to digging into Shauna’s new book

If I ever had to work in an office again, I’d hope it looked like Free People’s

[video] The brain: How insight works

Frequently Googled questions about London

All the buildings in New York

Japanese four-hole book binding

[video] Never in a million years did I think Gordon Ramsey would make me tear up

Sarah’s chicken stock (lately I’ve been roasting a chicken on the weekend — it yields a roast dinner, two chicken salads for lunch and a pan of stock that then makes four servings of the most fabulous chicken soup (chicken leg meat, potato, swede, leeks, onion, carrots, sage). I always buy organic free range and it sorts out so many meals for this home-working single gal. WIN!)

Chicken curry with sweet potatoes | cocoa-roasted almonds | fascinated by labneh

[video] Kyeli on Impostor Syndrome

Just bought a copy of this sweet book for Noah (check out the tarot cards, too)

Type so hard you bruise the screen

Happy weekend! xo

Ps. registration for the spring session of Blogging from the Heart is now open!

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  1. Lauren Burkitt

    Have a lovely weekend Susannah.
    You’re beautiful.

  2. Gerri Smalley

    Seriously? Chef Ramsey has me leaking all over the place…

  3. Melinda

    Awesome little cookbook on the pleasures of cooking for one. I love it and the photography.

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