He is everything to me.

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  1. Anne-Marie

    Absolutely wonderful. Precious moments.

  2. Sherold

    I love your photos. It has inspired me to buy a new lens for my Canon camera. I can see why you love him and he loves you;)

  3. Sherry Smyth

    Nothing warms my heart more than seeing children with happy, smiling faces!

  4. Lauren Burkitt

    I want one.

  5. nancy moon

    Hi, it’s so fun to have a glimpse into this little boy’s life, you tell it so well. xx

  6. Jade Sheldon

    I can see why: he is just so full of joy and life…

  7. Parisa

    He’s adorable!

  8. La plume et la page

    The big cake with strawerries looks tasty. Did the children like it?

  9. susannah

    I think so — the grown ups LOVED it :)

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