Coming up for air

I’ve been deep in the creation cave for the last six weeks and as my journalling course draws to an end this week I’m finally peeking outside and reflecting on all that’s gone down. It’s been intense, people. INTENSE. I’ve chalked up about 25,000 words for this course which is half the length of my book, so it’s no wonder my RSI has flared up and I’m feeling rather drained. But oh, it’s been glorious too! Periods of such intense creative work may take me away from this blog (and I’ve missed you so much, I’ve been counting down the days till I could write here again) but it also opens up my brain to new ideas and connections. While I’ve been birthing Journal Your Life I’ve had so many ideas for new courses, new possibilities, new directions I want to take. I’ve had a new book idea. I’ve dreamt up a line of products I want to create — actual physical things to send out into the world. I’ve had new ideas for my magazine column (hello Simple Things, I’m looking at you). And I’ve been plotting some deliciousness to celebrate my book’s one year anniversary in June (you’re going to love it :) So while being in the creation cave is full-on, it’s also incredibly fertile.

It’s important to me to create a new course in real time. I have the structure and content plotted out beforehand and get the first two weeks written before the class starts. But I like to create the rest of the course as we go along so I can listen to feedback and do the exercises right alongside everyone else. This is what makes the course come alive. Once or twice I’ll hit a day when I’m not sure I have anything to say, so that’s when I go out for a walk with my notebook to get some new perspective. And sure enough the lesson gets downloaded into my brain and I know what I’m going to write. Every time I run a course it gets tweaked and perfected as there are always new insights to add and better ways to share information. That’s why i love to run these classes — they change and evolve just like we do.

I am so proud of Journal Your Life, and as I said to my peeps in a video last week, I could so easily keep writing this baby. It’s made me realise that at some point in the not-too-distant future I’d like to create a much longer course or program. Six or eight weeks is great for an intense journey into a topic, but I can see how beneficial a three or six-month program would be, taking you so much deeper into the material with breathing space woven throughout. I’m working on it…

When I entered the cave it was winter outside my doorstep, but now I see that spring has finally — miraculously — arrived in Londontown. I have ideas blossoming and stories I want to share here. It feels so good to be back xo

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  1. Fiona

    this is such a great peek into your process. I had no idea you created courses in real time – this makes me want to be brave and just get my creations out there :)

  2. Melissa Jaine

    Hallo you :)
    I decided the other day I want – no NEED – to do this course and am looking forward to the summer one opening up for registration. Or will the longer versions be on the go by then, sounds great.

  3. Emily

    It’s lovely to have you back Susannah :)

    Love that pic of the sky, and look forward to hearing all about your new ideas!

  4. sara (moshimoshiii)

    and feels so great to have you back here!

  5. Katrin

    I missed you too!

  6. kiki (yuki)

    I think often of the first course I took with you (and my first stab at an online course), almost three years ago, and how it turned out to be the beginning of an unravelling that still continues today (in a different country). So yes, please keep discovering these new courses inside of you. They’re more than mere courses. xoxo

  7. Iris Ztarr

    I would LOVE to do a 6 month creative journalling course, bring it on! XX

  8. SweetMarie83

    Yay you’re back! And a new book idea?? *squees and claps excitedly*

  9. Sheila Bergquist

    It’s nice to have you back! Your deep well of creative ideas leaves me breathless…I envy your ability to come up with so much! I hope someday to be as creative as you are.
    Happy Spring!

  10. Anita

    I must say that the journaling course was well worth your hard work. I learned so much and went from a non-journal writing to a life long one from this point on. My curious daughter didn’t take the course, but she picked up some ideas and tips and she took off like a crazy woman. She’s out journaled me! Looking forward to your new projects. XOXO

  11. La plume et la page

    I’ll come back to read your new stories. See you!

  12. Angela Vular

    Glad your back!! I would’ve loved to have taken your journal course. Hoping I can do it in the summer. Your courses are amazing. I have taken 3 from you and loved every one of them.

  13. Jackie Cangro

    I’ve not taking a journaling course before, but it sounds very interesting. I have been working on the Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way. Have you heard of that book?

  14. susannah

    Indeed, I love that book :)

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