Something for the weekend

[video] On owning our authority and the imposter syndrome — Tanya rocked it out at TEDx

Thug Kitchen is currently my favourite site on the web (f-bombs ahead!)

Chickpea saute | cucumber avocado salad | veggie tower

[video] Bottled history

Loving these candles | these perfumes | this | this?

Victoria made an app!

Pen & Ink

[video] Anne Lamott & Cheryl Strayed in conversation (this is AWESOME)

Is it weird that this bloke is my new style icon? ;-)

The disapproval matrix

The power of a single intention – interview with Patti Digh

Sarah on our little life processes ( i have many)

[video] Donna and Leslie get triggered

Happy weekend, loves! xo

8 responses
  1. Jan McCann

    Love these this week! Thank you!

  2. PAULA

    Susannah, I came across this and thought you would like to see!

  3. Erika

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to these every week. Thank you for sharing! So delightful. So lovely. I always learn something new.

  4. Sherri B.

    Thanks so much for the Thug Kitchen link – I had seen some of the photos elsewhere and they made me laugh out loud! I am now a happy follower. :)

  5. Nathalieso

    That bloke is just amazing!!!!

  6. Ginger

    thug kitchen..fucking amazing

  7. Susan

    Just want to say I love your blog, Susannah! All your honesty and creativity has really inspired me over the past months. I just finished your this i know book and {heart} all the awesome photographs and words throughout. =)

  8. susannah

    Thank you so much, Susan! xx

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