Something for the weekend

Our newest set of notecards are now available for pre-order!

[video] Astronauts on the overview effect (this made me a bit teary!) via Amy

The eternal spring — wisdom from Rachel

New (to me) magazines I’m loving: Cereal | Flow | Libertine

Dash and Bella

Inspired by Natalie Massenet of’s Instagram biography

[video] What the internet is doing to our brains

Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon

Cilantro-lime sardine salad | avocado salad | golden quinoa salad

Anyone tried the Days app yet?

[video] Inspiration bomb with Kemi Nekvapil

And finally, the spring session of Blogging from the Heart starts on Monday so I’ll leave registration open for one more day if you’d like to join us. Plus! Dates for the next sessions of my other classes have (finally!) been posted here xo

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  1. L.McG.-e.

    Great links as always. You have enticed me to try Days, it seems pretty cute, a lovely 24 hour picture journal. I don’t see anyone I know using it yet so if anyone feels like having a go and is happy to connect my username is @lmcge


  2. Tia tuenge

    I just love your ‘Something for the weekend’ posts. Fun links.
    Happily I’m all signed up for Blogging from the Heart and have just finished Day 1:) Very exciting!

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