Something for the weekend

Eight things I learned from 50 naked people (via Jenn)

App Camp for Girls

Tomato + peach salad | mung bean hummus | the perfect smoothie formula

This poem is not a personal poem — truth from Mati Rose

38 Anthropologie hacks

UK peeps: this non-dairy ice cream is to die for

MaryBeth has opened up her Wild Alchemy spots for this month! (I had a tarot reading last week and it was beautiful)

How to break through your creative block

Loved this podcast about journalling from Tammy – she talks about how she uses her Creative Dream Journal

Drooling over this iPhone case | new VSCO Cam app

So much goodness in the Oh, Hello Friend shop

I (virtually) ventured outside the hermitage this week to share Voice Notes with Abby and a Tap-In Q&A with Susan

And finally, we’ve added THREE FIVE more books to the Big Book Giveaway! I’ve been loving reading all your favourite childhood books (did you figure out my cunning plan? I’m making a list of books for my nephew :)

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  1. Shan

    great links but oh my goodness, that photo sings to me. LOVE

  2. Bella

    Happy weekend, love!

  3. susannah

    Happy weekend, angel! xx

  4. susannah

    right?? I nearly broke my camera with exctement ;-)

  5. mo

    Susannah, i hope you will share the book list for your nephew. i have 3 great-nephews who are just slightly younger than Noah, and i never know what books to get. btw, if he doesn’t already have The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse (Eric Carle), you must get it. it’s absolutely a delight! thanks.

  6. Megan

    Adored the podcast on journaling. I’ve actually been journaling more since I discovered your blog. It’s a practice I’ve been engaged in for over ten years! I forgot how much I missed it. It has made my voice on my blog sound more authentic.
    I love the photo as well, all I can think about is Bernard’s book shop from Black Books :)

  7. Vickie

    I love that photo

  8. Cassie

    Susannah, where was that beautiful photo taken?!

  9. Katherine crOsBIe

    My favourite book in childhood was Harriet the Spy. After reading it I carried around notebooks for months recording my observations of the world around me. Didn’t get stuck in any dumb waiters though!

  10. susannah

    Morocco :)

  11. charlotte

    OMG!! That cute little book shop would be my idea of heaven; you’d have to literally drag me out of there. Where is it? I have to go there! (the book shop in the photograph)

  12. charlotte

    Forgot to mention, even if it is obvious from my post above, I am a complete and utter book worm. I am always reading, and getting into trouble for it…
    I just saw an earlier comment- to Morocco it is then!

  13. charlotte

    I want to get a Iphone purely to own one of those cases!

  14. susannah


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