Something for the weekend

[video] Patrick Stewart is awesome

Lisa Congdon and her tattoos

Breakfast skilletcurried cauliflower & quinoa salad | more cauliflower ideas

Liberty washi tape!

How I want my daughter to look — truth from Kate

[video] Sad cat diary

The internet IS real life

Have you seen Denise’s beautiful new course, Soulsigh?

I’ve never really been that bothered about make up — I wear it but I only have a few products. But since I discovered Lisa Eldridge’s videos I’m tempted to try a few new ideas, just for fun. (loved this especially, and this for mature skin) Treated myself to an Origins blusher yesterday and it really does make me look… healthier :)

Carrie fashion flashback

32 reasons why Robert Downey Jr is the most perfect man in the universe (I concur)

And finally, my first and dearest ecourse baby, Unravelling, is now open for registration. The summer session starts on July 8th and it’s likely this will be the penultimate time I run the course as I’m cooking up something new for 2014. I’ll share more about that as soon as I hammer out the details, so for now, let’s do some summer unravelling! xo

11 responses
  1. Angie

    I LOVE Lisa E so much! All my pocket money goes on make-up nowadays.

  2. Gina

    Love Origins! My new, expensive addiction. Try the Dr. Weil mushroom moisturizer. The lipsticks are wonderful also. Sigh.


    You had me at Robert Downey Jr.!!!

  4. kathryn

    thanks for the RD Jr link…my daughter is totally in love with him…and David Beckham too!

  5. Cherie

    Have to agree with Sherry! He is the MAN!

  6. jane

    thank you my friend! the sad cat thing put my pelvic floors to the severest test and I got tears in my eyes watching the makeup video… I feel shame at the non youthful state of my skin and yet to see that BEAUTIFUL woman with her statement about embracing your lines.. it was fodder for a great conversation about youth and aging and beauty with my 10 year old who was watching with me… thank you <3

  7. gina

    Love “something for the weekend”. Look forward to it every week. Really enjoyed the Lisa Eldridge videos and I concur about Robert Downey Jr as well.


    I love Lisa Eldridge. I discovered her videos during an epic break up and I completely refreshed my make-up look and beauty rituals and the time I’ve had to re-engage with myself has been very valuable.

    I also watch Sali Hughes’ videos – she goes into the bathrooms of various celebrities and they talk beauty, make up, life, rituals, it’s so interesting and lovely to watch.

  9. Hillary Rain

    Thank you so much for sharing Soulsigh with your friends. <3

  10. Rhianne

    Yikes, penultimate? I better save my pennies for the last one then Susannah as its been on my list to do for ages and I’ve never got around to it.

  11. Paula Fisher

    Is this the LAST Unravelling? Or will there be one more??

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