Something for the weekend

Above: Planning our Unravel Your Story retreat, fueled by cakes and cards. There are just 5 places left — wanna join us? It’s going to be magical (not exaggerating)

Desktop wallpaper must-have

Has your soul lived other lives? — inspired by Lissa

The magic of music and what it does to your productivity

Wishing I could join Andrea & Chris for some Creative Genius Playtime!

Tempted to sign up for some Birchboxes — anyone tried them?

Smoked paprika potatoes & egg bake | tomato, rocket & feta omelette | summer tempeh sammie (Thug Kitchen slays me :D

The streets cars of San Francisco (love this shot especially)

My net worth is not what I own; it is what I am. — thoughts on money from Jeanette Winterson

Sas’ Solstice Six

Instant Noun gallery at Rare Device

Curious about this film

How to make an origami elephant

Happy solstice, everyone! xo

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  1. La plume et la page

    Happy summer Susannah!

  2. Galia Alena

    What you risk reveals what you value.
    Broken Beauty- Jeanette’s words every time!!


  3. Stacy

    I love my Birchbox. It’s only $10 so even if I only like a product or two in it, I don’t feel like I broke the bank. I say do it!

  4. Gina

    Love Jeanette’s story. Would love to see a photo of the house.

  5. Melanie

    Try Glossybox instead. I liked Birchbox but not as much as Glossybox. :-)

  6. Angie

    I subscribed to glossybox for a while (a bit like birchbox) it was great – there was usually always something in there that I loved or was glad to try that made it worth the subscription. I only stopped because I was accumulating so much STUFF.

  7. emmy van swaaij

    Dear susannah, thank you so much for sharing that link by Lissa. As i replied on her post I’ve been researching this subject due to my own dreams. I wrote to her after she asked if more people experience similar things my experiencewith this:
    I always write down my dreams already for years, they often were very realistic. One night before going to sleep I gave myself the following suggestion: if there is such a thing as multiple lifetimes I would like to have a dream about one that is practical for my life right now. What followed was a very specific dream in which I was a blind man who played the organ in a synagogue and then time shifted and I found myself dying in a hospital having tremendous bowelpain. (as this man) worried about my wife. I woke up with the name Oskar Baum in my head. I did a google search and to my great surprise all the details of my dream were confirmed, a man with exactly this name did excist, he was blind, used to work as an organist in the synagogue amd died of complications of a bowel operationin 1941. Over the months that followed I had more dreams about this man. I went to Prague where he used to live and was allowed to see the heritage of his wife that is stored and contains all his work,letters etc. all details of all the dreams I’ve had were described in the letters etc. and he wrote articles for the newspaper about dreams (my deep interest).
    In my current lifetime (already before having these dreams) I work as a signlanguage interpreter specialised in the deafblind. Doing exactly the kind of activities Oskar Baums wife did for him during his lifetime. In 2006 years before having the oskar baum dream I wrote a fiction story about a jewish man who was a newspaper journalist theater and music critic who loses his job due to the war and who was a cantor in the synagogue as well as a poet. Oskar Baum experienced all of this. There was no way I could have heard about this man before the dreams since he is not very well known. His life and my own fit together like a puzzle pieces in a way I could never have thought it up.

  8. Eos

    Thank you for sharing this links. Here outside we have a thunderstorm and they made my time a little sweeter.
    Will make this origami elephant and love the creative work of Andrea, she is so inspiring!
    Wish you a beautiful sunday evening.


    Ahh, just ordered a set of The Wild Unknown tarot cards… waiting (impatiently, already) for them to arrive.

    If only I was in the U.K to attend your retreat. Looks PERFECT. x

  10. Alicia

    I love The Goddess Oracle. In fact, I use it often. And your retreat sounds awesome. Will you being offering it again?

  11. susannah

    Quite possibly! :D

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