Things I want to remember

Our blondie bear is a real little chatterbox. I’ve lost count of all his words — he talks in sentences now! Once in a while he’ll say something in such a sophisticated way I just stare at him, wondering who this teenager is. His daddy says “oh em gee” a lot ( in jest, you understand) — Noah’s version is “oh eye jim” which he says emphatically and often. His pronunciation is becoming faultless for so many words, though there are still a few I hope he gets ‘wrong’ forever:

fallahs — flowers
butter fallahs — buttercups
mingos — flamingoes
atchalen — actually

Auntie knocked it out the park with the Rapunzel and Eugene dolls (Noah: Punzel and Nugene). We spent a very happy Saturday afternoon taking their clothes off and putting them back on again, ooh, about 50 times. Then we put Tangled on the DVD player and acted out half the film — it was EPIC, let me tell you. Later that evening I had the rare honour of reading him his bedtime story (no mummy or daddy allowed in the room!) I lay next to him on his big boy bed (he has a big boy bed now!) and read Room on the Broom while he finished his milk and drifted off. Then I tucked him in and tiptoed out the room, my swelling heart trying to escape out of my chest.

Sunday morning we went to see the most delightful children’s theatre, and played with the water hose in the garden all afternoon. We made a miniature garden (his mummy’s brilliant idea) and ate our dinner on the trampoline (Noah: jumpoline). Punzel and Nugene joined him in the bath at bathtime (of course) and there were a few dramatic tears at bedtime, but cuddles with mummy sorted that out…

On Monday morning we watched his current favourite music video (Feist’s 1234) then headed out in the car to Bristol Zoo (Noah: zoon). We saw monkeys and lion cubs and butterflies and lots of insects. He found the dinosaurs a bit scary at first, but quickly overcame this when we explained they were ‘pretend’, though they were animatronic models and pretty convincing!

Later we were in John Lewis stocking up on a few essentials when he looked up at me and said ‘Susie, I need a wee’ (our little man has been potty-trained for a while now and only wears nappies at night) so we hotfooted it to the nearest mother-and-baby room, luckily only a few feet away. It had a normal-sized toilet and despite Noah wanting to do a ‘standing-up wee’ I said it would be better to sit down, so I lifted him up onto the seat and he put his little arms around my neck for balance. ‘I’m going to do a poo,’ he declared breathlessly, so I said okay, and then he whisphered ‘I love you’ into my ear. It was the sweetest, most comical, spontaneously brilliant moment ever, me crouched in front of the toilet, holding on to him while he pooed and declared his love. Did i mention comical?

On the way home we stopped off at a supermarket to pick up dinner. While his mummy shopped we waited in the car singly along to his three favourite songs* VERY loudly (he knew all the words… like, all of them) and I made him scream with laughter at the silly shenanigans of a parrot hand puppet. Later, at bedtime, I curled up on the end of his bed and listened as his mummy read him a story our grandmother used to read to us as little girls. As the past met the future there were definitely angels dancing in the room that night.

He’s starting to get a handle on the concept of time, though it’s still hard to explain that even though I have to leave I’ll see him again soon. He knows what ‘missing someone’ means and says it a lot. I wish I lived closer and visit as often as I can, but it’s still hard. But he knows I love him as big as the sky, and I know he loves me, and when we’re together we have the best time. He’s my tiny little 3-year-old best friend, he really is.

* Bounce feat. Kelis by Calvin Harris
We are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift
When will my life begin? by Mandy Moore

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  1. rachel lee

    i giggled at pooing and declaring love. what a little lion man that blonde-hair angel is. how precious. i can hardly wait to hear my little girl start to speak, but perhaps i can wait just a bit longer and soak in the coos and sighs for one more day.


  2. TJ Wood

    Love this post!!! XO

  3. Joan

    I enjoy your posts about your auntie-nephew relationship. I have similar stories with three of my nephews. They are 34, 31, and 24 now and still so sweet and caring.

  4. An

    That’s so sweet – got goosebumps when I read about the pooing-declaring love moment! My little niece is 11 months now – I could watch her play and babble all day! So adorable!

  5. Sherry Smyth

    I love that Noah is your best 3 year old friend. I can tell you that he will be your forever friend, no matter what age — he know you’re a keeper!! xo

  6. Jade Sheldon

    What a lucky boy to have such a wonderful Aunt like you…

  7. Fenne

    That is so cute, and a good idea to write it down so you won’t forget those little beautiful things.

  8. sas

    from now on, everytime i do a pooh i’m going to think of the people i love.

  9. Emma s

    What a delightful weekend :)

    Room on the Broom is just brilliant, I love reading any Julia Donaldson with my 4 year old, her new favourite is Paper Dolls, but I do a happy inside dance when she asks for RotB.

    Where did you find the tangled dolls? I just know my daughter would love them.

  10. mo

    @sas: snort!

  11. mo

    i love this post, Susannah!! you write so delightfully about your time spent with Noah. we can all tell how close the two of you are. i wish i lived closer to my 2-year-old great-nephews so that i could develop that kind of relationship with the wee ones. thanks for the sweet story ;)

  12. SweetMarie83

    Oh my goodness, this made me laugh and cry. I never understood what people meant about really young children being their best friends, but when my own nephews came along, I finally understood. My three-year-old nephew is one of my favourite people in the whole world. I’d rather be with him than most anyone else. They’re such amazing little people, aren’t they? They have such an amazing capacity for love.
    PS I think it’s hilarious that he loves Tangled…my nephew’s favourite is Enchanted. I love that they both like what most people would consider ‘girly’ movies. I got Tangled from the library a few months ago (to watch myself) but I think I’ll have to buy it and have him watch it to see what he thinks. ;-)

  13. susannah

    They are Disney dolls i found on Amazon :)

  14. AbbyC.

    Aww. Love this post. My kids are older now and I am far away from my nieces and nephews and can’t wait to see them and spend special moments with them as an Aunt. He is so lucky to have you. :)

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