We’re having a heatwave here in the UK. It could be argued that we’re actually just having a summer (it’s been so long none of us can remember what summer is like) but apparently is really is a heatwave. We’re not really equipped for extreme weather. When it snows the country stops and everything breaks; in a heatwave everyone melts as air conditioning is not really a thing we understand. We’re very good at rain. Rain is where Britain excels. Everything else is a mystery to us.

If you’ve ever visited this country you’ve no doubt had a conversation with someone about the weather. Every time I get in a cab I chat with the driver about the weather. We talk weather in shops and while queuing in the post office. Weather is the topic every Brit knows inside out. Bemoaning the weather is like our national sport.

It’s because our weather is generally really really crap. Ludicrously so. The British aren’t miserable at all — we just have crap weather and it gets us down. But give us a sunny day and we’re all smiles! It’s why half the country seems to decamp to Spain every year, to get burned on the beach and drink their bodyweight in sangria. We just need a bit of sun now and then.

Those of you who live in a hot climate are probably giggling at our inability to handle the heat, but London in a heatwave is pretty intense. It’s blocking my ability to write. And think. And sleep.

But in all honesty, I don’t mind it one bit.

And neither does Noah :)

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  1. kathryn

    I live in Southern California now and people here constantly talk about the weather too…most haven’t gotten a clue yet that every day here is hot and sunny!!!! You’d think they’d catch on to the consistency by now!!! (I’m originally from WI…so this is why talk of weather cracks me up so much!!)

  2. Christianne

    You’re cracking me up with this post! Especially the part where you say Britain is very good with rain. :)

  3. Alicia

    If people are not used to heat, I can understand why they are talking about it. By the way, I have no problem trading places with you at the moment :). 86 degrees sounds heavenly. New England is experiencing temperatures in the upper 90s, almost 100.

  4. Phoebe Reid

    Ha ha I’ve been to England a few times and had conversations about the weather. You hit that nail on the head!
    I live in Virginia so I can certainly sympathize with heat and humidity…summers are insufferable here. We’re at close to 100 each day this week.
    Hang in there…it will be rainy in London again in no time :)

  5. CJ

    I love all the weather here in England, even the rain. It’s what makes it green and pleasant and extraordinarily beautiful.

  6. Sheila Bergquist

    I live in Alabama, so the heat is intense every summer! I had to laugh though because we talk about the weather all the time too…like it’s not the same every year! We complain about the heat like it was something new.
    It really does affect your thinking, sleeping and everything else…I’m spacy in the summertime!
    Stay cool!

  7. Sophie | Spark

    What a gorgeous photo of Noah – full of joy!

    I’m in Australia so it’s more surprising when it *isn’t* unbearably hot in summer, but I think we also love to talk about the weather (maybe we just like to show it off)!

  8. Mel

    Well … it’s going to be 11 degrees celsius tomorrow where I live in Australia, and people are freaking out that it is so cold, and, quite genuinely shocked that it’s raining all the time. I have to remind them that it IS winter! :)

  9. Maria Formosa

    The UK is struggling as no one really has air con as we never bloody need it. Every shop has sold out of fans ( and I foolishly free cycled mine last month !) we rarely get a good summer in the UK so this is amazing ! Autumn in the UK is the best though . At least you know what you will get! X

  10. Rhianne

    I’ve been chanting ‘I will not complain about the weather, I will not complain about the weather’ for the past week haha. we are good at rain though, its true :)

  11. Carin

    Yep, we’re good at rain. We do rain. We know what to do with rain and have the umbrellas to prove it. My brain has melted too, especially since my two year old keeps waking in the middle of the night because he’s too hot. Oddly enough, 4 am is not the time to go play in the garden!

  12. Emelie

    The weather is a good and safe subjet for a conversation ;) In that way Brits and Sweds are the same. But I have to say we are pretty good with sun and hot weather. We prepare the whole year for 1-2 weeks of sunny weather ;) Unfortunately we’re not that good with the snow, even though we have more snow than sun in this country…

    Have a nice weekend & enjoy the sun!
    // Emelie

  13. Catalina

    I know what you mean…I’m from Venezuela and there we NEVER EVER talk about the weather…:)

    I used to live in Canada (Québec and Vancouver) and now in France, so yes, I was surprised the way to show people we are aware they are around us is weather talking…

    Have to say as well that is just since I’m in France that I have experienced so high temperatures… around the Equator can be fresh actually, it depends where but temperatures are between 24 and 28 Celsius all year around and fresh at night and early morning, we even use a sweater or jacket to go out at nights! (that’s the best weather for me…) :)

    I still prefer warm that rainy and Gray

  14. Debbie

    Not related to the post, but I feel like I am watching Noah grow up through your eyes. Thank you for sharing all that you do with us.

  15. Anne Jutras

    Hello Susannah! I understand perfectly! I live in Québec, Canada and the weather these days are particularly HOT. Noah is a the right place, under the water. ;)

  16. Alexis Zinkerman

    We are melting on the east coast of US. i feel for you.

  17. La plume et la page

    In Normandy there’s a heatwave too… We don’t go outside between 12am and 8pm. Too hot for me!

  18. melissa

    haha. that’s like us here in canada (or the majority of canadians)… we moan and groan about our long cold winters, begging for summer to arrive. When it finally does, we are struck with uncomfortable heat and humidity, and just wish for it to cool down. And chatting about weather is definitely a passtime of ours. We should have four seasons, not two. Wish it were autumn all year :)

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