Something for the weekend

Inspired by a drink I had in Jamie’s the other day, here’s my interpretation of a virgin mojito:

Half a lime, cut into 4 wedges
Small handful of blueberries
15-20 mint leaves
1 dessertspoon simple syrup*
Ginger ale
Soda water
Ice cubes

Put the lime wedges, blueberries, mint and syrup in a class (or small jar if you want that Instagramable Kinfolk effect) and mash them up with a wooden spoon — you’re aiming for lots of juice and mangled mint leaves. Half fill the class with ice cubes, then pour over the ginger ale and soda water (I like half and half). Add a groovy stripy straw and drink. * Make the simple syrup by disolving a quarter cup of sugar into a quarter cup of water (h/t Mrs Wise).


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5 responses
  1. Angie

    I have blueberries growing in the garden and a whole load of mint – as soon as they’re ready to pick I know what I’m doing! I just need to finish a jar of something in the meantime (I already have the stripy straws). :)

  2. erin @ yummy supper

    Susannah, Thank you for the lovely shout-out! I hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. Sophie | Spark

    Each one of those links just made my heart sing. What a lovely roundup – thank you x

  4. CJ

    Mmm, virgin mojitos sound wonderful. I have mint and blueberries in the garden too, so I’m making a note of this recipe. Love your letter to your 20-something you as well. It is so true that the hard things we go through shape us and make us stronger.

  5. Angie R

    My daughter just went blueberry picking yesterday and i think i might make this for us this weekend. Yummm!

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