Something for the weekend

Looking forward to a fortnight of self-adoration with Kylie

I want to adopt every single one of them | genetics are awesome

The psychology of summer

The sin of (out)shining — pearls of wisdom from Tanya

Be still my heart… Wild Unknown jewellery! (check out the video… oh my)

“If my going gray is in any way a political statement, it’s a passive but shimmeringly visible protest against the cult of youth.” — yeah!

Interview with yours truly over on the Washington Independent Review of Books this week

Book titles with one letter missing

Talking to myself — loved this from Oriah

How to transfer a photo to wood

And finally, the winner of the Declaration of You giveaway is Victoria Penko – email on its way to you, hon! xo

3 responses
  1. Annette Gendler

    Susannah, it was great interviewing you for the WIRoB! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and wisdom!

  2. Vicky

    And interesting collection as usual.
    I also checked out your vlog about blogging from the heart. It was very reassuring, so thank you. As soon as i’m more flush I will be signing up for an e-course :)

  3. Kylie

    Well, gosh! I just came over here to see what wonderful things you were up to, and right there at the top I saw my very own name. Thank you so much for sharing that, dear. I’m excited, too.

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