Day 15

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Books are my favourites.

The August Break 2013

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  1. sherold

    Such good books. May Sarton is my favorite – that particular books. I want to learn how you take these beautiful photos.

  2. Carol

    I think that the film ruined me, I’m completely unable to ‘get into’ The English Patient book. My copy has been sitting here for the past few years. Maybe I’ll give it another go. Oh, and I’ve added The Invitation to my list of must buy books :-)

  3. sheila

    The August Break? Best. Thing. Ever.
    Thank you so much.

    Love Sharon Olds. Did my master’s thesis on her 20 years (!) ago. So happy she just won the Pulitzer. More people need to read her.

  4. nICOLE

    Well, I would love to quote Sheila:
    “The August Break? Best.Thing.Ever”. Subscribing to this bigggg time! “Books” is one of my very favourite prompt themes so far. Got me all started, thank you very much for including it, Susannah! (and then, well, how couldn’t you, as you are such a lit Gourmet, eh?) Love your photos of Day 15!! Your book happens to be on one of my 2 photos of Day 15….showing my top 9 favourite stack :)

  5. Teresa

    poemcrazy is a fantastic book, even if you’re not a poet. So inspiring for any writer. Love, love it!

  6. BETH

    Hi Susannah

    I finished reading ‘This I Know’ earlier this week (I’ve only just had the chance to add to the comments here — hoping it’s still on-topic!).

    Without sounding toooo much like a fangirl — hmm, OK, what the heck, that’s just me, writers are my rockstars! — it was just *such* a beautiful book in so many ways — the text and the images. There were so many phrases and paragraphs that I wanted to read over and over again (for me, the paragraphs on being a tribe of one and being able to embrace living as a happy, single woman were particularly resonant).

    I’ve been following your blog for about three years now and I love and admire your honesty and insightfulness on here — I feel I understand and can appreciate this blog even more now for having read your book.

    Loved it, so much. A massive well done and thank you.


  7. christine

    Book love, I am right with you on that. I’ve never seen that cover of Written on the Body before… you wouldn’t happen to know the ISBN for that version would you? It’s so much prettier than the one I’ve already got on my bookshelf so of course now I want that one too ;)

  8. susannah

    isbn 0-09-919391-4

    it’s a really old copy!

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