Day three

yellow1 yellow2

The August Break 2013

7 responses
  1. Michelle

    Very cool. I can’t get the Coldplay song out of my head today. “And it was all yellow…” :-)

  2. Vickie

    wonderful texture.

    & I was thinking of the song too :)

  3. Susanne

    Yellow in different environments!

  4. Vane m.

    Adorei as imagens, a do cartaz é minha preferida! Um abraço!

  5. Michelle

    And it continues to play through my head today. Along with “And they called it Puppy Love”. I haven’t looked at the prompt for tomorrow yet. I wonder what tomorrow’s song will be? :-)

  6. Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

    Gorgeous in all its yellowness.

  7. Jo

    More of the present, love it! Thanks!

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