Something for the weekend

Duaflex |
Inspiring post about retreating from Tara

Dr Camella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted (via Sas)

I’ve shared before, but i’ve just downloaded their app and love it

Katrina’s Photoshop course for beginners looks brilliant!

Why Stephen King spends ‘months and even years’ writing opening sentences

Food Typography

[videos] I’m currently a bit obsessed with online work outs

This father-son conversation (via Karen)

The art of finding your passion in your woundedness — another gem from Justine

[video] I didn’t know it was possible to love him more… and then this (you’re welcome!)

The August Break 2013

12 responses
  1. Angela

    cool camera – vintage circles (:

    Thanks for the weekend reads!

  2. Jo

    HOW did I not KNOW that he can SING too????? There is truly no end to the joy that is RDJ : )

  3. ELlen

    & thank you very much! Made my day.

  4. Kathryn

    such lovely, soft colours in your circles photo.

  5. Adela

    robert downey f*cking junior… OMG!

  6. Paula

    I’m making my way through your list. Just wanted to say that I love that article about Stephen King. Thanks for sharing

  7. Jo

    Oh, this is a great photo! I was looking at some of the prompts and worried a little. I guess it’s all about being more present and noticing more. Thank you! And thanks for all the links!

  8. susannah

    exactly :D go for it! xx

  9. Rhianne

    I have no words for that Robert Downey Jr video… just one big happy sigh

  10. Rhianne

    Also, thank you for sharing again :)

  11. Ninie Pouce

    I’m lost in the Photoshop things, it’s amazing !!!

  12. Sarah

    Love the guide to understanding the introverted… so true! Being an ‘innie’ myself (not talking belly-buttons here), is easy to feel awkward and misunderstood.

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