Something for the weekend


The 100 most beautiful words in English

Loving Victoria’s DIY monthly calendar

London homes on The Selby | an inspiring home studio

She allowed — tender words from Bella

Cauliflower popcorn | blackberry chia seed jam | chickpea sammie from Thug KItchen (because it looks good AND it made me laugh)

Austin’s birthing class notebook

Loving these make-your-own necklaces | these wooden boards

15 awesome, useful internet tricks

Rachel’s Ease Hunting is worth checking out

And finally, the London Instameet is happening this Sunday! Join me, Xanthe and a bunch of other lovelies for a 2-hour photo safari through the Barbican – everyone welcome!


5 responses
  1. Bella

    Thank you,love! Happy weekend :)

  2. Jo

    “No food processor? Chill the fuck out.”

  3. Galia Alena

    LOVE this list of words, a few new once, a few forgotten or under used ones and a few all time favourites.

  4. Tanya

    Sooo wish I could be at the instameet…..but i am a bit far away in N.Z! Hope everyone has loads of fun :)

  5. Julia Barnickle

    Really enjoyed meeting you and Xanthe – and the rest of the group – at the Instameet today, Susannah! Will definitely come to the next one… :-)

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