The Instameet

We will definitely be organising another one – it was so much fun! Big thanks to Xanthe for getting us organised and Katherine, Julia, Donna and everyone else who came along xxx

Ps. Today’s August Break prompt is taste… again. This isn’t an intentional repeat, just what happens when you put together projects too quickly ;)

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  1. Carin

    Susannah, the instameet looks fabulous! Hoping to be able to come to the next one.

  2. Karen Cahill

    It was a great day! Lovely to meet so many new people and to explore bits of London I have not seen before. Thank you xxx

  3. Lynda Howells

    can l come to the next one pleasex?

  4. rinrinflu

    HI! We are new here. We follow you on Pinterest (Marina Phelps) and we’ve got a photograpy of my black cat blog:)

    Muchos besitos!

  5. gina

    Hope to go to the next one. Looked like great fun! Love the pics!

  6. Vickie

    looks like an awesome day, love that last, colourful shot :)

  7. Angela

    The 2nd picture is so fun (:

  8. Julia Barnickle

    Love the photos, Susannah! I’ve finally got round to posting one or two on my website. I had a great day – considering most of us had never met before, we got on remarkably well, I think! Looking forward to the next one… xxx

  9. Christian

    Hi there Susannah, saw your instameet which looked pretty good!

    I’m writing from @igerslondon as we run many instameets during the year and would welcome your group to join us / also feel free to advertise your next instameet on our ‘meet up’ page, and am sure a few of us regulars would come along too :)


  10. susannah

    Hi Christian, yes, we had fun! Would be great to meet some more IGers, so yes, we’ll keep you posted :)

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