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xanthe“Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves.” – Pema Chodron

I hate leaving this space bare but I’m currently honouring my need to be more present in my offline world. It feels a bit like hibernation, or maybe it’s more like the pupa stage the caterpiller goes through before spreading her butterfly wings. Things are shifting, that’s for sure. Neural pathways are being rerouted. Old assumptions are being challenged. I’m still going to the gym two or three times a week and the changes in my body — which is frankly a trip to witness — are mirroring the internal metamorphosis. Which sounds heavy, I know, but it’s the best way I can describe it. Sometimes you have to take a sledgehammer to the walls to clear the ground for the rebuild.

French HousetubeOne piece of good news from this last week: Chronicle Books have accepted my book proposal! Once it’s signed and sealed I’ll share more, but I can tell you it’s not the follow-up to This I Know. I know some of you have been waiting for that, but I’m still living it, so for now I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into a book that’s going to be quite a creative challenge for me…. really can’t wait.

stripsNext week Megg, Sas and I are hunkering down with 20 beautiful brave souls for our Unravel Your Story retreat, so this space will remain silent for a while longer. When I get back I’ll be preparing for the last ever live Unravelling classso much change ahead — so do join us if you can. And if you have a moment, you might want to watch this and then this.

I miss you already…

late bus

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  1. Gerri

    So, yes… Both of those clips were “off the chain” hilarious and entertaining. Hahaha…
    I love reading your voice in this space, always have. But, I know what you mean by the metamorphous and the busting down of walls. Mmmm Hmmm… Something shifted this year for me, after I took on “Surrender” for my word of intention. I let go, sometimes against my will, but I did. Now, for the first time in life, I feel in tune. Because, I’m not working to control life, I’m living it.
    I’m so blessed to be able to give you the biggest xxO (kiss, kiss, squeeze) soon. Much love Sweets!

  2. Jill Salahub

    Have you ever heart this haiku?
    Barn’s burnt down
    now I can see the moon. ~Masahide, Japanese poet, 1657? – 1723).
    Your post made me think of it. Cheers to burning down your barn. xo

  3. Jill Salahub

    Ha! I said “heart,” but I meant “heard”… or did I?

  4. michelle gd

    to clearing and rebuilding and red foxes…

  5. Nina

    nice one, susannah!

  6. Anne-Marie

    You’re giving me the courage to pick up that sledgehammer and tear down some walls. Hunker down and be cozy. Looking forward to see you again when you’re ready.

  7. KElly

    I love that you are honoring your need to rest. Looking forward to whatever’s next.

  8. kira

    I think this is what it is all about, living and growing and that is what you are doing. #golive #yourock #thankyouforbeingtrue

  9. Maria

    Bravo for having the courage to step back, and follow the path as it guides you. This blog has served a major purpose in your life, and it may again, but for now you don’t need it. You’ll be missed. Wishing you a wonderful adventure.

  10. Sabine

    I will miss your inspiring posts, but I wish you only the best for this exciting time to come. Hope that your experiences will bring you closer to yourself and a wonderful new way of life.

  11. Jo

    Hashtag loveyou.xx

  12. Linda


    I can feel your exitement and optimimism about the changes in your life through this post. You are totally ready for this petal…everything you have experienced and learned has brought you to this place…and it is going to be epic :-)

    Congrats on your book deal! Would love to be joining you all at Red Fox Retreats…next time. Will be Unravelling though and can’t wait.

    Now you get out there and enjoy yourself lady.

  13. Nicole

    Wishing you much expansiveness in all of this change. I’m in the middle of a lot of change myself right now, and I often think of a poem I love by Mary Oliver called,”To Begin With, the Sweet Grass.” where Oliver writes, “We do one thing or another; we stay the same, or we/change./Congratulations, if/you have changed.” Congratulations!

  14. anon

    I will miss your voice and your stories :(
    (a friendly anonymous peep who has been reading your beautiful words and cheering you on since day 1)

  15. La plume et la page

    Have fun Susannah and please come back soon. I really like your posts!

  16. susannah

    don’t worry, I’ll be back soon :D x

  17. susannah

    i love that!

  18. susannah

    you can do it!!

  19. Rhianne

    My word of the year was alleviate, and I like that it seems to be relevant to you too Susannah as you’re the one who inspired me to have a word.

    I can’t wait for Unravelling already, I’m so glad that I’ll be taking part after ummming and ahhh for so long, it seems right to be doing it this year – again with my word. I like how these things always seem to fit together.

  20. Lucy Chen

    Hi Susannah, I’ll sure miss you :) But have a great time offline!

  21. lyn girdler

    It is no mistake that your emotional transformation is occurring at the same time as your physical transformation. As a yoga teacher I always tell my students to trust their yoga practice – trust that, as we move our bodies, our minds follow. Sometimes that’s just the only way to approach things. Do nothing and practice – it works itself out.
    It’s lovely that your’e taking the time and our and honoring your need to shift. Part of this living consciously (as you have done for so many years on this forum and privately) is this refined ability to go toe to toe with the transformation and move with it.
    While you are living, there is always a life to be had, something to engage in, a way to connect. It is true that we need to connect more offline – but the online world is so very comforting and safe.
    Enjoy your next stage and I look forward to hearing the news of your book release. I enjoyed ‘This I know” – very raw and honest.

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