In search of la dolce vita

dolce vita
‘If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens.’ — Fay Weldon

As often happens at this time of year, I find myself existing in a transitional space. Last year I was preparing for the big move and now here I am, almost a year back in London and feeling pretty settled, all things considered. The August Break proved to be just what I needed as I explore what it means to build a life that doesn’t revolve solely around work. For the last four years work has been everything. The book, the tour, the courses, the retreats, the travel. Giving all my energy to the business was absolutely necessary and I don’t regret a minute of it, but now I crave that elusive balance of work AND a personal life. I have moments when I wonder if that is even possible — and the answer is no, it’s not, if I continue to work and structure my days in the same way I’ve always done. So things are slowly changing around here as i try to create more space for a life away from my laptop. It’s a work in progress…


‘Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself you have built against it.’ — Rumi

I guess it’s no surprise this desire to be out in the world coincided with me dipping a toe back in the dating pool. I’m discovering that it’s easy to be vulnerable with my work hat on — the core of everything I do comes from my personal experience and sharing what I know (and don’t know!). Likewise it’s easy to be vulnerable with friends and family — they’ve seen me at my best and worst and, amazingly, they still want to know me. But opening up and being vulnerable with somebody new? As my sister pointed out to me the other day, I’m very good at being Confident Sus, “but you need to let them see the softer side of you, too.” I think it’s fair to say I’m still learning the steps to this dance…


‘Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose. The eye sheds a tear to find its focus.’ — Robert Brault

September has brought that back-to-school feeling with her. Next week I’ll be opening registration for the very last live session of Unravelling. It’s time for a change and if I’ve learnt anything useful over the last few years it’s to trust my intuition when it comes to this wee biz of mine. Unravelling was the beginning and now I’m ready to go much deeper with those original concepts, so once I get back from our retreat in October I’ll be developing two new courses for 2014. Even as I type that I realise I could so easily slip back into my workaholic ways, so I know my challenge for the rest of the year is to work smarter not harder. To make space for play as well as focus. And to trust in serendipity — in work, in love, in life.


If you’ve ever wanted to Unravel with me now is the time to do it! I’m already planning the weekly videos and want this last live session to be a really magical one. I’m happy to offer a special alumni rate to all former Unravellers who want to work back through the course with a whole new group of lovelies — email me for more details x

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  1. Kate

    Thank you, Susannah. I think of autumn as a time of transition, too. Your words are a balm, as always. I’m excited to find out more about your new courses when the time comes! X

  2. Xanthe

    Sounds like things are right on track lovely… can’t wait to catch up xo

  3. Marylin

    Sussannah, I totally understand where you are right now in terms of meeting someone new. After a disastrous start in the summer I realised that I’m not quite ready to let myself be with someone else yet. I’m happier focused on myself and my boys. I was *so* sure I was ready to start dating, but apparently I needed to learn the hard way!
    Looking forward to taking Blogging from the Heart in Nov, and to see what new courses you have in store for us next year!
    Much love xx

  4. Alex parachin

    As always, a welcome ‘Susannnah’ heart to heart post. I’ll see you in the ‘Fall Blog Course’! “What is unfinished for you to experience? I had to die to know how much I really wanted to live. Not as in living longer but as in living deeper, wider………”


  5. Rhianne

    Oh gosh Susannah, I’m going to take the plunge with Unravelling, I’ve had a really difficult year but if this is the last chance then I HAVE to do your course. I’m nervous and terrified, is that odd? I can’t wait.

  6. Yumi

    I’m going through a career transition right now as well so this really resonates. Discovered your blog through the buzz surrounding August Break and am so glad I did – what a positive, uplifting place! Looking forward to reading more.

  7. Maria Storgaard

    Hi Susannah, I had the pleasure of going through your “unraveling of 2013”, heard about from Tammy Strobel/rowdy kittens.. and I LOVED it. I was so looking forward to doing it again at the end of 2013. Will you still be doing it, or is that in the “unraveling” category and going too:( Happy to hear that you are focusing in on working smarter not harder.. Good luck:)

  8. susannah

    hi love, yes, I’ll be creating a new (and even bigger) Unravelling 2014 workbook ready for the end of the year — i love doing it :) x

  9. Angie Dixon

    Susan nah,

    I’ve had this post saved for when I had time to read it. This is very much a transitional time for me, a period of finding out who and where I am. Perfect day for reading this post.

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