Something for the weekend


A Beautiful Body Project

The empty restaurants of New York | The pleasures of reading recipes

This much I know — wisdom from Justine

Guys with fancy lady hair

102 ways to break out of a creative block

Have you seen Tara’s new course?

YES: “When I am at a social occasion, the showstoppers are no longer the young beauties in their 20s. Rather, those who draw all the light in the room are the women of great accomplishment and personal charisma — and these are usually women in midlife.” — Naomi Wolf on the Aging Myth (via Jess)

How to use mind maps to unleash your brain’s creativity and potential

Green pizza with a cauliflower base | honey chai roasted almonds | roasted squash with apple salsa

DIY crafts and design for kids at Handmade Charlotte

Why we write

Surviving Wholefoods (via Sas)

4 responses
  1. Carol

    I loved Justine’s list and also Naomi Wolf’s article

  2. Lainey

    I love your weekly links and look forward to them. How doubly lovely to click on one – A Beautiful Body Project – and see the face of dear friend! I did not even know she had participated in this! So here in Orgeon I find out something about a friend in Arizona from someone I admire in London…

  3. Vanessa

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate these links you share, in your Something For The Weekend posts. One or two of the links have changed my life, and I doubt I would have found them without your posts, or I might have found them but not looked any further, without your recommendation. I really appreciate the time you take to do these posts. X

  4. sheila

    I have laughed about the Whole Foods piece for 3 days now. Thanks for that!!

    Hoping your time away from this space is restorative to you on all levels.

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