Something for the weekend

Brighton bike
[video] The history of typography

Exploring the work of David Deida this week — highly recommend my single sisters watch this series of videos

Loving these keytags

It’s every man for him or herself

Granny, life and breaking open — powerful words from Tara

The plant whisperer

Once again I wish I had synaesthesia

[video] The hidden meaning in kids’ movies (thank you, Helen)

Check out the Max Wanger wallpaper especially

And finally, the autumn sessions of both Blogging from the Heart AND Photo Meditations start on Monday — there’s still time to join us!

Happy weekend, loves xo

4 responses
  1. Carol

    Susannah, explain David Deida to me because I’m having a WTF moment over the fact that this MAN is assuming a position of authority and knowledge on feminine energy, consciousness and sexuality.

    Maybe I’m not getting what he’s trying to say, but he makes me want to punch the screen.


  2. Carol

    I looked through a few more of his videos last night, but not all the way through I admit, because I kept rolling my eyes and becoming exasperated.

    Susannah, I think that David Deida is misogynistic. Women are feminine and emotional. Men are masculine and rational (reason). That thinking is very archaic in my humble opinion.

    Could one imagine telling Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton they were/are defined by their emotional and feminine natures?

    Bah Humbug ;-)

  3. leaca

    I am going to have to hit up that photo meditations next time.

  4. Sandra

    Thank you for recommending David Deida, Susannah. I’ve been watching and reading him all evening now (can hardly stop). He said some things that helped elucidate some things I’ve been trying to understand – especially my desire to be “opened” by (with) another person, to help me experience the divine. Very powerful. Still absorbing it, and much to learn.

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