Something for the weekend

Bath window |
[video] Watch this right now and feel 100% better about getting older. (I used to see Jean around Bath all the time when I lived there and always wanted to ask to take her Polaroid portrait. Love knowing more about her story! Thanks for the link, Rachel)

The art of becoming beautiful

This broke me open: Laurie Anderson’s farewell to Lou Reed

Fig whisky sour | shaved brussel sprout slaw | sweet potato salad

My skin is currently loving One Love Organics

Carole A Feuerman’s amazing sculptures | watch this video, too

The Art of Getting Started

I really want to do this: The Magic of Myth

What makes a jump shot even better?

Why creative people sometimes make no sense

[video] Found this so inspiring in so many ways

Happy weekend, loves!

[Polaroid from This I Know]

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  1. elizabeth

    hi Sus– I loved the Organics link! could you sometime share your sources for luxe beddings, yummy cozy stuff you make your home so yummy with? xoxo

  2. Amanda

    fantastic links!! thanks so much for featuring the fig whisky sour from Ex Vitae :)

  3. Ramona

    I tried to watch but got this message “This video is not available in your country” I live in the US. Could you please tell me the name of the video so that I may try to watch on another site? Thank you!

  4. susannah

    It’s called Fabulous Fashionistas – try this link

  5. susannah

    you are so funny ;) well, my bed linen is from The White Company –

  6. Jill Salahub

    Oh, this list was so good, just like a really good book, I was sad when it was over. xo

  7. Linda

    OMG Susannah,

    The fabulous fashionista video! Fabulous dahhhling! Made me laugh, made me cry. Been in a post 40 slump and this gave me a kick up the posterior.

    Note to self…start doing yoga again, ramp up the positive attitude and start being more experimental with clothes!

    Cheers dear x

  8. Alexis

    You should offer a certificate in naval gazing for those who take 4 or more of your classes. That would be me for one.

  9. Carol

    Some great links Susannah. I loved the creative life of Our American Revolution. The Fabulous Fashionistas and I want to work in the same office space as Elizabeth :-)

  10. Xanthe

    Dude! miss you… hope you’re doing ok? Can’t wait to watch that Fashionistas film, looks right up my street. x.

  11. Latifa

    I always look forward to the links you share. LOVED the Fab Fashionistas video…..since I am approaching rapidly! Such fun to see these ladies living their colorful and amazing lives…and the art of becoming beautiful…wow…sending to my daughter! and….the video of that love house! soooo many great links in this post! and yes…the Magic of Myth….Thank you Susannah for you constant inspiration!

  12. a Kelso

    Hi Susannah. I was just reading about Squam a few weeks ago. Fascinating!!!
    And the sculpture artist who’s work is so realistic. Must and will show my husband who does this type of work in bronze. Amazing. I thought the sculpture in the video was real. Wow.
    Loved Unravelling, and I’ll see you in the Journalling class next year…hehe…January.
    Anna Kelso

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