Something for the weekend

leaves |

How to easily eat a pomegranate

Some Etsy faves: this jar | this cosy | this print | this calendar

[video] Josey builds a bakery

Sweet potato & quinoa burgers | a kick in the pants | this salad

Artists’ studios

Real life Instagram | love this guy’s imagination (thanks Rach)

Ann Lamott always keeps it real

Mini tree advent calendar

Loving this shop’s exterior

What kids are really thankful for

If you know your Myers Briggs type (I’m INFP) then check your Downton Abbey personality type!

And finally, I’ve got something extra special for you on Monday…. ;-)

4 responses
  1. Galia Alena

    Oooohhh, looooving that artists’ studio board and wishing, once again, that Pinterest would give us a slide show function so that I could submerge.


  2. kira

    I am so making the Sweet potato and quinoa burgers. Yummy. Thanks for the link. Love your Something for the weekend’s. Best part of Fridays.

  3. Lisa

    I grew up with big ginkgo trees in my front yard. Love the beautiful leaves now…childhood memories.

  4. Retta

    ! am an INFP also and Matthew was one of my favorite characters. :)

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