This is why therapy rocks

This is why therapy rocks |
Because it’s not always enough to talk things through with friends or family members

Because it’s helpful to have an impartial witness to your discoveries

Because our heads and hearts are jigsaw puzzles and sometimes you need help putting them back together

Because the past is just the soil we grew up in, but it never hurts to plough it for gems

Because healing our hurts means we don’t pass them on

Because healing our hurts also makes room for new joy and possibility

Because saying it out loud, no matter how silly it seems, is preferable to pushing it back down

Because it’s just talking, and talking (and journalling and thinking) is not a bad thing

Because, quite frankly, it’s like green juice for your mind, and we all know how important green juice is ;)

This post is dedicated to Jill and Wendy. Thank you, ladies xo

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  1. Wayfaring wanderer

    Therapy does rock! It helped my partner and I become better communicators which kept our relationship from falling apart. Here we are 7 years later and we’re stronger than ever!

    When we do argue or have disagreements they are handled much differently now that we have the skills to manage those situations.

    We’ve even had other friends on the brink of break-ups go to the therapist we went to and they are all happily married now!

    If you want to make it work no matter what, therapy can be a lifesaver! <3

  2. jane

    I have just started therapy and I could not be more proud of myself. It is such a gift of love to me and to my family and friends<3 Thank you for talking about it

  3. Amy

    “Because healing our hurts means we don’t pass them on” So much meanig in one little sentence. Beautiful ?

  4. Amy


  5. Lyn

    Yes, therapy provides a safe & nonjudgemental companion & witness for the journey.

  6. sandie

    So true Susannah.

  7. patti scanlon

    Thank you You could not be more right.

  8. Usha Digiacomo

    Therapy is so important, that in my ideal world, together with art and dancing, everyone should do it. I always try to have a psychologist or counselor togo to sort my stuff. Friends are important also, but it is different.
    I am going through a self discovery, learning that I give too much to family, work, friends, and give little to myself. On a whim, decide to blog and found that it as good as therapy. On my blog I am the creator, and being in touch with my creative self again has been wonderful.

  9. Nancy Peevey

    Thank you, Susannah, for posting this. As one that is a therapist and been in therapy, I so appreciate your words. For me, my therapist represented a safe place for me to pour out what seemed like a lifetime of grief. What a place to grow if one allows it. Therapy works for those willing to do the necessary work for change and growth. That’s the key.

  10. Allison

    I couldn’t agree more – I think of therapy as a gift to myself.

  11. Jo

    So true. Finding the right therapist is vital to the process, I am now seeing my third and her approach is so much more ME that now it does feel like a gift to myself. A gift that I am entitled to, and that makes each session much more powerful.

  12. cococita

    L.O.V.E. Your words and photos should be spread over the country and over the world, on places where they could attract and appeal to people. So many of us don’t realize the power of therapy!

  13. Alexis

    Thank you for this. It came on the exact day I found the right therapist and decided to really do this.

  14. Michelle

    Jo – YES! Finding the right therapist is key, and it can take work, and some tries and fails, but it is worth it. I am looking now for another “best” therapist, as my last “best” just dropped all insurances!

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