A year in photos: the first half

I’ve stayed close to home this year, nesting in my London flat and only venturing off the island in February when I flew to NYC for my 40th. I needed to lay down strong roots in this city, to feel safe and held before I could begin to do the work I’ve been called to do this year. 2012 was all about work — in fact, since 2009 it’s been all about work — and balance was needed, so 2013 became all about healing/rebuilding. But as I look back through my photos on Instagram — my biggest photo outlet this year — I see that I haven’t only existed in my head, even if it felt like that. I’ve done stuff, and seen people, and lived another twelve months at the pace that felt right. I’ve got a few more months of this, I feel, and then it’s game ON for 2014. There’s only so much internal work you can do before you need to get out there and put it into practice…

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3 responses
  1. Sas

    one of those seagulls is looking right into my VERY SOUL! #stopit

  2. Jillian Ayer

    I love the picture of your arm and your nephew’s arm with the matching “tattoos”….the size difference plus matching image, lovely!

  3. Claire

    What a wonderful post and a great idea! I’ve actually been taking photos every week this year for Focus on Life, and I must say I’ve learnt tons!! Love the snow pic – looks like you’re walking on a cloud :)

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