Something for the weekend

twenty seven |

Writing apple pie (Shauna’s stories always make me tear up)

The 3 notebooks every writer should keep

She says: What good women want to say to good men | He says: I love women

Joan Didion’s thoughts on everything

Books & Other Stories

Just this

Spiced cider | gingerbread shake | spaghetti squash babycakes with crispy sage

[video] Inspired by Kiki Smith this week

This calender | this stamp | this perfume kit (!) | these bowls | this tote

Joy’s homemade lip gloss

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend! ;)

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  1. alice

    I really look forward to your something for the weekend. Thank you. <3 xx

  2. La plume et la page

    HAve a good week Susannah!

  3. changesofheart

    Loved ‘writing apple pie’ – beautiful & emotive.

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