Something for the weekend


The things we do for love – truth from Derek

What if girls were rewarded for being authentic instead of being thin?

Also: when your mother says she’s fat

The wrong rock – you know i adore Jason

[video] Female freedom has an expiration date

Bruce Springsteen, Woody Allen and the long tradition of hating your own work

These necklaces | this book

Espresso martini | honey apricot millet | quinoa + brussels sprout salad

Favorite job interview questions (read the comments)

[video] The power of introverts illustrated

Christine translated the 2014 workbook into Ukranian!

How Elizabeth Gilbert writes

Happy Christmas weekend, my loves — I’ll be back next week with an alternative yet seasonal mixtape for you xo

2 responses
  1. Nathalieso

    I could totally translate it into French if you want!

  2. Ellen murphey

    I love and read your blogs, newsletters, etc. I feel we have a connection which I need right now. I am also an introvert, at the far end of the spectrum. When I was watching and listening to Susan Cain speak I became uneasy with how many people would be saying “nooo, you don’t seem like an introvert.” As a teacher I had to learn to communicate, but I so love quiet, but I heard this statement often. I bought Susan Cain’s book months ago and will begin to read it today. Thank You for all your posts. Everyday there is something for me. Ellen

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