Something for the weekend


Hello loves, how was your Christmas break? I’m back home and missing my little blondie bear something fierce. It was the first time he’s really understood the ramifications of wish lists and Father Christmas, so it was heart-melting to see him excitedly opening the presents the big FC left by the fireplace. These are the moments we live for, eh?

Only a few links this week…

Shakshouka | 8 kale salad recipes | miso tahini soup

Sit on a small wooden bench with yourself

How to write

Don’t make smalltalk about my daughter’s appearance

‘Be all your selves’ — Joss Whedon’s commencement address

Sensitivity is beautiful

Something small, every day

And now I want to be an action figure too :)

Space Christmas. from Susannah Conway on 8tracks Radio.

2 responses
  1. Diane

    I just have to say…. I think you are the one who is most responsible for the selfie’s popularity. Way to go girl.

  2. Nina

    Ooh, thank you for the “Don’t make small talk…” link – just what I needed to share with family on Facebook to gently raise the issue after we all spent Christmas morning going on and on about my 3-yr-old cousin’s sparkly dress. Agh. (I also bought her a book – The Paper Bag Princess – which should help…)

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