My word of the year notebook

MIracles on the beach
I must admit, choosing such a super trendy word for the year was a pretty smart move as I can’t seem to turn a page or click on a link without seeing it yet again. I’m experiencing daily miracles! But as lovely as that is the miracles I’m searching for this year will be happening in my flesh and blood world. To help me pay attention I’m keeping a notebook devoted to recording my miracles as they happen. Usually everything goes into my Moleskine journal, but I liked the idea of collecting my notes in one place with the hope that I’ll reach the end of 2014 with a notebook (or two — let’s be optimistic!) full of miraculous occurrences. I simply date each entry and outline what happened. Simple.

book of miracles
Going forward I might adopt this as a yearly practice — writing stuff down is always my first impulse, and this way I’m fusing attention and intention with a splash of mindfulness, too. When I’m away from home I jot down anything I want to remember in a text file on my phone — if you’re not a stationery addict like me you could easily keep a word of the year file on your smart phone or computer. The point is to pay attention to the opportunities you have to be/experience/practice your word each day.

I have four entries in the notebook so far, and already I’m feeling more open to the coincidences and surprises that usually go unappreciated. If it makes my heart jump, it’s a miracle; if it’s a wink from the universe, it’s definitely a miracle. It’s like I’m viewing my daily experience of the world through a refreshed lens and I really like it. This is the first time my word of the year has been more about receiving than doing. Accepting rather than changing (even if the change is good). Kind souls have been sending me links to miracle-related quotes all over social media — we’re nine days into the new year and my ship is pointing in the right direction.

My second miracle of 2014 happened last Saturday during a weekend by the sea with my family. Despite the blustery weather we took ourselves off to the beach to chase the waves and have hot chocolate and cake. All afternoon had been rainy and grey, but as we prepared to leave the cafe the most amazing sunset burst across the sky. We ran outside and stood in absolute wonder. It was the most incredible sunset I have ever seen – no joke. We just couldn’t get over it. The iPhone photos I snapped don’t even come close to the majesty we witnessed, but here’s a little taste:

sunset | SusannahConway.comsunset | SusannahConway.comsunset |

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  1. Kathleen

    Such glorious photos! The second one with the pink and blue/gray sky is spectacular..

  2. La plume et la page

    So beautiful pictures! You’re the best!
    Have a good week-end.

  3. lucinda

    i can’t believe you took those photos with an iphone!

  4. Paula

    I agree that this was definitely a miracle. Theat sunset was astounding! I’ve never seen anything like it. I love this post. Its so encouraging.

  5. Mossy

    Such beautiful photos – I had a similar experience on a beach just before Christmas, a sunset of such wonder came from nowhere, and the cold seafront was full (after a fashion!) of people marveling at it… I’m so pleased your word is surrounding you with beauty :)

  6. Ashley

    Great photos Susannah. That must have been an incredible sunset. I love the idea of having a book devoted to your word for the year.
    Also wanted to say I just finished reading “This I Know” and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank-you :)

  7. Vickie

    that sunset it magical & what a wonderful practice to have :)

  8. Kylie

    Wow, Susannah. I’m speechless at the first and second photos of the sunset. They look like beautiful watercolor paintings. Can’t even imagine what they were like in real life. To miracles!

  9. Christina Rosalie

    These photos took my breath away. I can see your year already filling with miracles!

  10. Heather

    you can see where Turner got his inspiration from!

  11. Jennifer elizabeth

    lovely synchronicity here…my word for 2014 is MIRACULOUS (which i chose in early December) and ever since I dubbed this my “MIRACULOUS” year I am, yes, seeing the word everywhere but even better experiencing MIRACLES on a daily basis. enjoy your year of MIRACLES!!!

  12. Sheila

    All of life is really a miracle…

  13. Maitri Libellule

    Susannah! I love it! Miracles is my word for 2014 as well and I have been doing a lot of work around this. I love that this is your word too. Isn’t it amazing how when you draw this word into your heart there are miracles everywhere? I am wishing you miracles, blessings and love in abundance in 2014…



  14. NASSER


  15. Anna

    I can imagine how emotional it must have felt seeing a sunset as awesome as that. You feel a kind of high, don’t you, when you see something in nature that’s so breath taking. This planet is fucking amazing.

  16. Kathryn

    stunning. it reminds me of a glorious sunrise I witnessed on Wednesday while out walking with my mother and sisters.
    a notebook for collecting things related to your word of the year is such a lovely idea!

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