Something for the weekend

Miracle sunset |

Can you imagine owning your own photobooth?

lol my thesis

The time travelling photographer (thanks, Helen)

27 things to leave behind in 2014

Meditation transforms roughest SF schools | David Lynch on using meditation as an anchor of creativity & integrity

This is rather cute

Kale + brussels sprouts salad | Immunity soup | quinoa kale pomegranate salad

The great Brooklyn house snooping of 1978

40 years of people on the Tube | vintage photos from Stars Wars set

[video] Interview with a two-year-old

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, loves! x

4 responses
  1. Ouissi

    The Time Travelling Photographer article is glorious ;) thanks for a Sunday evening smile x

  2. Vickie

    those Brooklyn photos are wonderful

  3. linda

    I love the article on meditation in the school. Don’t we all need to practice that! (Just discovered you and your book, lovely writing, thank you for sharing.) x

  4. Gerri

    The interview of the lil man… I could eat him up, seriously, nibble-nibble!!

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