Something for the weekend

Natural History Museum |

[video] An evening with the delightful Ray Bradbury <— watch all of this, it’s so lovely

Much loved teddies (I still have my most beloved toy, Fluffy: a black cat my mum knitted when she was pregnant with me)

Vegan superfood hot chocolate | coconut black rice pudding | beet salad with lemon tahini

Two mindfulness apps I’m enjoying lately: Buddify | Omvana

Loving these desktop wallpapers

[video] Compilation of Wes Anderson’s slow motion shots (the train is my fave) | buying art for Steve Zissou

Color//colour with Xanthe & Andrea

How to create curvy text in Photoshop

Her world looks so dreamy

[video] I don’t know anything about this, but doesn’t it look great?

Happy weekend, loves! xo

2 responses
  1. Stephanie

    Happy Friday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. Kim

    I love how it’s mandatory for it to be New Shin with Wes Anderson. My favorite is the Penitentiary shot, likely because it’s so different than most of his others. Train is a close second.

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