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Recent history has proved to me that choosing a word for the year is effing powerful. And it doesn’t have to be just one word — you could choose two or more, a phrase, a mantra, a statement or a theme. I’ve been seeing lots of blog posts lately explaining why setting New Year’s resolutions are pointless, and I do agree with that — while “get fit” sounds like a sensible goal to have, it doesn’t feel very inspiring. It feels like an order. Choosing the word ‘energised’ or even ‘strong’ affects me in a different way. It encourages me to make better choices. It seduces and cajoles rather than instructs.

For the last five years I’ve selected a single word to act as a guiding light for the coming twelve months. I don’t do anything fancy to find the word — usually a few possibles occur to me as the year winds down and I’ll mindmap them in my journal until one starts taking centre stage. Often I choose a word I know will help me with all I have to do in the coming year — for example, BRAVE was the perfect choice for all the book shenanigans in 2012. VISIBLE was perfect for growing my fledgling business in 2009.

My word for 2013 was OPEN and sure enough, there were plenty of opportunities to practice staying open last year. At times it was like taking a crowbar to my mended heart, but I’d remind myself ‘stay open, stay open’ and breathe through the discomfort. I did a lot of breathing last year. My introverted HSP self would often want to close back down into her cocoon, but all things considered I think I’ve done a pretty good job of staying open. It’s a practice I’m carrying with me into the new year. Probably for the rest of my life, let’s face it.

This year I was tempted to choose LOVE as my word. I’ve been wanting to do this since I started the word-choosing thing, but have always held back for fear it was too obvious. Words are important to me, and I take the selection of my yearly word quite seriously. So I journalled into LOVE to see if it was my true word or were there others I needed to live through first? And there was one little word that’s been tugging at my sleeve for a while. I see it in books and draw it out of oracle decks. It’s been following me around and every time I notice it I feel a nudge at my side…


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I have many supporting words this year, including romance, surrender, trust and open (again), but it’s MIRACLES that’s been stalking me. I can’t seem to get away from it, so I’m embracing it as my word for 2014. To me it means something magical and unexpected happening, which is exactly what some of my dreams and desires feel like, so I’m opening myself to miracles this year. I’m holding on to possiblity. I’m believing in magic. I’m trusting my gut. I’m listening for guidance.

I want to experience miracles in every part of my life, and to reach the end of 2014 smiling in amazement at all that’s unfolded.  I want to love and be loved. I want to be seen and heard. I want to break out of the cocoon and drink deeply from life. I am so ready for this. I’m not scared to do the work. I’m not scared to make my miracles happen.

I believe in miracles. Don’t you?

Previous words: 2013 :: 2012 :: 2011 : 2010 :: 2009


What’s your word (or words) for 2014? I’d love to know xx

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  1. Nanette Gordon-Cramton

    Believe in miracles! Love your Word for this coming year! Cheers and love to you, Susannah! xo

  2. Catherine

    It’s been great following this idea the last couple of years and so my word for 2014 will be Pilgrimage. It’s about making a shrine of my life rather than visiting a shrine or making a religious journey. I have a big birthday next year so I will pilgrimage right into that and live the artist’s life that I’ve been waiting to commit to……Love your word too……it’s such a great one to play with. Have a wonderful year Susannah.

  3. alice

    “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

    Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

    So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

    Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.

    Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”
    ? Neil Gaiman


    My word for this year is NOURISH. I’ve been really hard on myself the past few years. Lots of action words, lots of pressure to perform. I am going back to center with gentleness, compassion, and allowing (instead of performing) in 2014. The full story is here:

  5. Marlad

    I’m working on finishing Unravelling the Year Ahead right now! My word is REBIRTH. I have a few supporting words: alive, homecoming, freedom and joy…feels good!

  6. susannah

    thanks, lovely! x

  7. susannah

    ‘making a shrine of my life’ – i love this!

  8. susannah


  9. susannah

    Gorgeous and perfect word, Jenn!

  10. susannah

    ooh, yes, i’m feeling that for you. Five excellent words, love!

  11. CJ

    Wishing you miracles and happiness in 2014 Susannah. I believe.

  12. susannah

    Thanks, CJ! I wish them for you too x

  13. Jo

    OH! I just love this for you. And totally, utterly believe it. xxx

  14. Emily

    mine is ABUNDANCE, on all levels… working with the goddess Lakshmi energy! Happy New year! xo

  15. La plume et la page

    What a good word! I wish you the best for 2014.
    If I choose a word this year it will be PERSEVERANCE. And this song of Josh Groban “You are loved (Don’t give up)”. A wonderful song!

  16. Kathleen

    My word is WORTHY. It has been following me these past few months. I feel ready to accept that I am worthy of my heart’s desires. Worthy of the time and energy for a strong, healthy body. Worthy of financial increase, travel & play. I am Unravelling today ~ thank you Susannah! & I do believe in miracles (you sexy thing)

  17. lisA Field-elLiot

    may many miracles find you filled up with love, ease and grace. i wish only good things for you. xx

  18. Jenny Fisher

    Love your word Susannah. I, too feel like I have cocooned away for the last couple if years, resting, healing and hibernating. So my word for 2014 is EMERGE.

  19. Shannon

    I decided to take the plunge and LOVE is my word for this year. To love myself, my life, my career (especially since I am starting a new business) and put more love out into the world (and, most importantly, be open to receiving love back). To me Miracles is about being open – it’s just the next level up.

  20. Kerstin

    Miracles sounds perfect! As soon as I saw you write it felt so right for you. And I think the world in general could do with a few more miracles. I wasn’t going to chose a word this year but somehow one found me anyway: AWAKEN. For me it’s a life theme really but this year I want to make a true and conscious effort to awaken to the here and now, and perhaps even to a miracle or two :)

  21. Bella

    Happy New Year, love! I do believe in MIRACLES and I love that word. It reminds me of hope and magic, and reminds me that anything is possible.
    Wishing you all the best. xo

  22. Roxanne

    my word is passion.

  23. Regena

    Miracles is a good word. It is also a strong word. With miracles, faith must be in full operation and fear must be released from the heart. Miracles only happen when we begin to allow the impossible to take place. Anything that is possible is manageable. However anything that is beyond the human possibility is when miracles begin to activate.

  24. Carol Cassara

    I do believe in miracles and my life bears that out, so far. My word is accept. Harder than you’d think, at least for me.

  25. SAbrina S.

    This year I decided to COMMIT (to creating more art, especially). This year, I sit down at my art desk and sit through the fear. Love your word Susannah! I wish you many MIRACLES! xoxo

  26. Melody

    I’m in a new state, will be looking for a new job, and at 43 don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. My word is experimental. I don’t want to be scared to just try new things.

  27. Melody

    I like commit to sit through the fear.

  28. Lee williams-Demming

    Evolve – to develop gradually, I think that’s mine, I’ve also been considering Aspire, and Expand (I pinched that one from Sas Petherick) but I think it’s going to be Evolve; it’s time to go out there an develop………………..gradually. I love your ‘Miracles’ Susannah, may they be multiple.

  29. LEaNNE

    Great word! I’m going to have to keep that in stash for contenders in future years. My word for this year is RESTORE. It is so very true that these words are powerful. I did a little reflecting about that on my blog today as well..

  30. lisa

    I have just finished working through the workbook. Thank you so much for that. It is a perfect way to end the year.
    My word for this year is Ease. I have spent all my life trying to be perfect, being anxious and worrying about not being good enough. Pushing my self to do more, be more. Towards the end of last year I had CBT and I realised just how much it was affecting my moods. So for this year I am being gentle with myself, prioritising doing things for me, relaxing and having fun! It’s going to be ace!

  31. Ellen

    Beautiful Susannah: ) As I came to your word, I got chills. I’m still up in the air with mine, but the phrase “own it” keeps coming up. I’m going to journal a little bit myself right now. Happy 2014 to you: ) xo

  32. beth

    my word is emerge and i wrote all about it today on my blog :)

    i love how you love and adhere to a yearly word. i’ve been doing this for a few years now, even though last year i passed as there just wasn’t one that fit me, so this year, with all the gusto i have, i’m going to be like YOU and really make this word work for me :)

  33. jane

    miracles… that is some powerful mojo!! may it be so… my word is so unsexy at first glance but so insistent and already it has taught me things… it is “listen” … p.s.
    I am doing the unravelling list for this year and so loving it – thank you for all that you are in the world Susannah <3

  34. sarahs - redlinedesign®

    I am still searching for my word…I smiled when I saw yours and know it will guide you kindly through your year…I have a few I am pondering and maybe as you said it could be a phrase or several words that have a special meaning for just me….much love to you sweet lady xxxooo

  35. Angela

    I think I might choose a word like this, as well.

  36. kat

    I just love that imagery of miracles stalking you :)
    Wonderful word for 2014.

    Mine is VISIBLE this year. Last year it was ARTISTRY.

  37. Angela Vular

    I hope this year is filled with beautiful miracles for you! I chose “adventurous” this year. It’s time to move out of my comfort zone and become more adventurous! I’m so excited about the new year. I’m going to start a new journal this year….an adventure journal!
    Happy 2014!!

  38. stacey mattraw

    Love this Susannah, thank you!

  39. Helena

    I love the word MIRACLES! I feel that it’s a perfect word for you!
    My word for 2013 was CHANGE and I am not quite done with that word. There were a few changes last year and I feel that change comes slowly and so I am taking it into 2014! It may even follow me into 2015! However, I’m also taking a new word in 2014 as well! Or a symbol actually. I am choosing & as my word of the year. It represent the word AND and to me that feels right. And and and what?! I want more in my life so AND seems like the perfect word. & can also represent togetherness. It is usually used when combining two things. I would like more togetherness, more joining, more of everything! So & it is!!

  40. sharah

    My word for this year is “Release.” When I went through the Unravelling workbook, it was right there, waiting on me.

  41. Rebecca Lovell

    What a beautiful choice for a word! I have found incredible power in my words in the past! My work for 2014 is “bliss”. The definition I’ve found is perfect happiness; great joy. I love that. I want to find so much bliss in the coming year!!!!

  42. Zoe

    What a great word, I only just came across this concept yesterday and after lots of thinking my word for 2014 is BELIEVE. A little obvious but means a lot to me – to believe in myself, God and that so many good things are coming my way in the next twelve months. It’s powerful stuff this choosing a word, makes you commit to things :) Thank you for your posts, I just found your blog and already it’s making a difference. Wishing you many miracles in 2014! x

  43. Claire

    As soon as I saw your word Susannah, I thought of Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
    Here’s to 2014 living the second way :)
    Hugs x

  44. Rhianne

    Eeee, its perfect Susannah, especially knowing that you’ve been reading a course in miracles :) I bought it last year too and its definitely a game changer.

    My word this year is much simpler than last years – its Inspirit: To instill courage or life into. And thats what I’m going to do this year :)

    Happy New Year Susannah x

  45. lonestarsky

    Love your choice of word, I hope you have a happy 2014 with loads of wonderful miracles!

    2013 was the first year I’d chosen a word (inspired by you). I chose AWARENESS and I can’t stress how much it has changed my perception of life and of myself. This is the first year I haven’t felt compelled to make a list of resolutions that I’ll never achieve, and I feel I know myself so much better than I ever did. Its also meant I tend to look at myself now and acknowledge how I feel rather than get so wrapped up in an emotion that I practically choke myself.

    It did make 2013 a rather insular year though, which on hindsight I definitely needed. My 2014 word will therefore be ACTION, which means I will implement the changes I identified that I need to make, as well as get out in the world a bit more.

    I’m really excited about the new year, hope its awesome for all of us :) xxx

  46. Alma

    I had not used affirmations for a long time, but last November, the affirmation “I allow miracles for myself” hijacked my mind and heart and would not let me not remember it. I started repeating it to myself every time I felt myself close down and spiral into doubt and no-can-do’s, and it quite frankly changed my life. Including helping me allow the most incredibly man step into my life quite out of nowhere.

    I think it is such a beautiful, perfect word to choose <3

    My phrase for this year is
    Courageous Flourishing.

    Time to give all I can give,
    Step up and allow myself to sparkle and bloom.

    May 2014 be a year of Miracles and Magic, for all if us!

  47. Sheena

    I feel the same way about my word. It kept following me, until I just gave in. Document is my word for 2014

  48. Deb

    My word for the year is surrender.

    I surrendered in a couple of areas in my life, and it worked. Now it’s time for more.

    I experience surrender differently than some think of it though. I do not think of it as shrinking, accepting less, giving up (in a negative way).

    I experience surrender as giving up my old ways of striving, struggling, achieving more, doing more, fighting to get through, fighting to move forward faster than I am.

    In exchange, the surrender is opening my arms up and wide. It’s expansive. It’s a gesture of being ready to receive, to be in wakeful collaboration and flow with God. And so much more.

    I believe surrender is what has led to my miracles in the past. I’m ready for more.

  49. Dimitra

    The word that has been following me around for the last few weeks is grace — in all senses, but especially the theological one. My supporting words are generosity, wish, wonder, and surprise. And now that I think about it, maybe also mystery.

    I truly love reading other people’s words, it makes me all excited and inspired — and I’d like to take this chance to thank you for introducing me to this practice.

    Finally: miracles. Yes!

  50. Tracy

    hi Jane,
    My word for last year was “listen” and I loved it! I have a tendency to people please and to completely ignore my own ideas, dreams, etc all to make others happy. I made some big changes in tuning in to myself more often, listening to me, and making choices based on that. The dual application for me was also to slow down and really listen to others as well. My very ‘unsexy’ word for 2014 is “invest”; in me, in my dreams, in my future. Best to you in 2014!

  51. Tracy

    As I posted above in response to Jane, my word that keeps following me around for 2014 is:


    There will be supporting words and phrases to come (I always give myself all of January to develop and tune in to what comes up for me) and invest is the one to lead the way. I’m looking forward to how I can invest in myself for my future: health, self-care, finances, dreams, relationship with my son, relationships personal & professional. These words create so much lovely intention for the year. (My 2013 word was “listen” and I loved it!) Thank you Susannah!!

  52. Fiona

    MIRACLES makes me feel such hope for you. ADVENTURE is not letting me go, so I’m trusting the red fox impulse that made me call it in.

  53. Kathleen

    Beautiful – I love your definition of surrender and the image of wide open arms!

  54. Ashley

    Hi Susannah – I love your word and hope you get your miracles in 2014. I believe my word for 2014 is growth. I’m new to the whole “word” business but I can really see the power. I’m looking forward to using it throughout the year.

  55. Deb

    Grace, in all it’s senses, is one of my favorite things in the world. As forgiveness, and as an enabling power at work in one’s life. I studied all I could find on it, and it’s been my guiding force for a few years now. Celebrating your grace…..

  56. Jill

    My word is sun. For energy. For shine. For heat. For growth. Bring it on!

  57. Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

    I believe in Miracles, may your year be blessed with many.

  58. Johanna

    I haven’t come up with my word yet, but “miracles” is at least a little funny to me since the new Mexican restaurant downstairs from me is going to be called “Milagros.” It better be good.

  59. Galina

    I really want to believe in miracles… it’s a possible word for another year for me. Thank you for sharing!

    for my 2014 the word that sounded and felt the most fitting was Enrich.

    Because of the New Moon being after the night of December 31… I am still working through your workbook and making plans, getting details. Thank you again for it! :)

    I translated it to Russian. It’s a second year me doing this. There are a lot of grateful people. So I am sending their thanks to you! :) Here is a link –

    Happy New Year Susannah!

  60. xanthe

    I wish you all the miracles you deserve and seek this year… Let’s make it happen!
    Happy New Year lovely.

  61. Karen

    Hi susannah ,
    I love your page and find it really inspiring .
    the word I keep hearing for my self is consolidate , I feel I have been learning so much for the last 41 years now is the time to CONSOLIDATE . How and what this actually means I am hoping to find out this year
    Love xxxx

  62. sHaron

    My 1st year for choosing a word. The word that keeps coming to me is CONNECT. Connect with myself, my loved ones, friends and my community. By connecting my hope is that 2014 will be a year where I become more aware of what makes me tick and I get to know myself again. First step is your Journalling course that I am so excited about taking part in.

    Happy 2014 everyone. May it be filled with love, laughter and good health and of course lots of Miracles x

  63. susannah

    The perfect word, Sharon, i love it! and look forward to seeing you in class very soon!

    And to everyone who’s commented — all your words are so inspiring! I’m feeling so jazzed about this new year :)

  64. Heather

    Love was my word last year and it was wonderful! I hope it’s that way for you too. My word this year is ‘pleasure’

  65. Sandra

    LOVE and ARTIST. Love because I want to give myself the best chance possible to meet my big love this year, and embark on growing a peaceful family together. Artist because that’s what I’m going to become this year! :)

  66. Marilyn

    My word is laugh. I realized this past year that I rarely laugh. Laughter is so good for the soul and for health, I need more of it in my life.

  67. Suzie

    I really liked the idea of having a word for the year. The last couple of days I have been thinking about what my word for 2014 would be and I have come up with “accepting” – accepting myself, accepting my past experiences, accepting that I may make mistakes, accepting challenges, etc.


  68. Catherine

    My word for 2014 is “Move”. I chose “Open” in 2011 and the results were not quite what I expected – in fact, we had a major disaster in this part of the world and I kept seeing examples of “open” everywhere as in A href=”“>this post
    So I hope that “move” will have less disastrous results :)

  69. Mary

    Happy New Year, Susannah! Hope this year is everything you wish for and more and that you will indeed, experience miracles in every part of your life.

    I so believe in the power of words and in choosing them wisely. After quite a bumpy road last year I’m suddenly feeling lighter and less restrained, so it felt right for me to choose this mantra for 2014: “The sky’s the limit.”

    Here’s to a great 2014!



    My 2014 words are a phrase that I dreamed: ‘Change: A Love Story’ One of the things I was writing in all my planner pages for 2014 was ‘love myself’ and that beckoned to me more than bringing down hammers about what I still need to address/transform. Turning the year into a love story between me, myself, and I feels … long overdue, tell you the truth.

  71. Michael

    I’ve had courage, leap, and reflect and this year my word is abundance. It emerged through Into the
    Light with Liv Lane and I’m thrilled to see you are participating in Project Light Year! To an abundance of miracles! Thank you!

  72. Marilee

    This is my first year picking a word. I found a word for what to call last year easily as the year ended. Rest. This year the word adventure felt right.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I do believe in miracles, more than anything. It’s your own magic.
    Enjoy this year. :)

  73. DONNA


  74. Sandy

    I love this word. It incorporates so many things. Counting your blessings, living in the present moment, acknowledging all the bliss in your life.

  75. cheryl c.

    A beautiful post Susannah…and I love the title of your new book…Londontown is one of my favorite places…we have been many times…My husband used to work in Reading so I would go over with him and just walk the streets while he worked…and I’ve been dying to get back there…maybe I’ll wait for your book and follow in your footsteps..

  76. samantha

    My word came to me as I read this, I’ve used it already a lot over the last two weeks but now it’s revealed itself as my word:


    It’s about keeping myself safe, nourished and cared for as I go through a stressful year, and well as offering others sanctuary from their drama filled lives.


    LOVE your word for the year Susannah and love the concept but MIRACLES wow it tingles with excitement and it defo sounds like LOVE is in that package but you are going to get bells & whistles as well. It made me think of Pam Grouts E Square book – purposeful creation of miracles!

  78. Sane-mari

    It is an excellent word to choose for 2014. I agree it will be a year of Miracles – I am starting up a small business teaching art and creativity to children on Saturdays while I still need to keep and perform well in my demanding day job! My dream of having an Art Wokshop Centre where children and adults could come to have tuition in Art and Creativity or just relax in an creative environment will become reality probably by lots of hard work and miracles!
    After being inspired by your “Write your own book”, I am now in the final stages of my first e-book on how to make a winning art portfolio.
    I love reading your blog and look forward to great miracles this year.

  79. Debbie Jordan-Mills

    Hey, I choose Miracles last year and Love for 2014!
    Thank you so much for the workbook. I’m charging into 2014 inspired and motivated. Debbie x

  80. Elizabeth

    Great word for 2014 Susannah – hope you have a fabulous year! I am going through your workbook at the moment and have chosen the word “Wild” for this year. I like the feelings of being more natural and untamed and getting in touch with the wild woman inside….. This is the first year I’ve chosen a word and I’m looking forward to seeing how it manifests itself x

  81. Deborah

    I never comment on blogs, but your last paragraph really spoke to me and made my soul ring. Can I copy this into my journal and use Miracles as my word too? I love your attitude and your writing. I see 2014 as my miracle year too.

  82. Vickie

    my word for 2014 is ‘explore’ – time to open up & see what’s out there (& in here too) :)

  83. susannah

    of course, honey – use away! :)

  84. Jamie

    Miracles. What a lovely word. I picked one for the first time this year – Abundance. Plenty (of time, patience, money…). Lack of scarcity. A reminder that I do have enough, more than enough, and to stop worrying about lack. And to (abun)DANCE more often. = )

  85. Kathryn

    this is such a beautiful, powerful post, Susannah. Your posts are always full of such passion and kindness, it’s one of the reasons I love your blog. I hope 2014 is so much more than you could ever imagine!

    My word for the year is Foundation. After four years of study, everything seems so new and open and scary. 2014 is my year of building a foundation for dream chasing and travel and all other kinds of wonderful things. A year to gently move to the next chapter of my life.

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