Something for the weekend

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Type “do a barrel roll” into Google and see what happens… then type in “zerg rush” — more Google tricks (via Angie) + useful things

Awkward dating card | love necklace

4 tips for smelling new perfumes

[video] The taste gap

Sexy naked women everywhere — thoughtfulness from Kate | Nudite from Garance

[video] What defines you? from the incredible Lizzie Velasquez

Snow patterns

Mapping emotions on the body = love wins

10 stories that prove that Bill Murray is the most interesting man in the world

How Sarah stays happy and productive

And finally, Blogging from the Heart starts on Monday! There’s still time to join us if you’re ready to find your heart-centred voice online x

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  1. Ursula-the crafting gypsy

    LOVE buttons! <3 Gorgeous picture.

  2. Annika

    The Google thing just almost blew my mind! :o)

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