Something for the weekend


This business card round-up is convincing me I need to make some new ones

[video] Jane Goodall on science and spirit (isn’t she amazing?)

What it is is beautiful

I want to host a party and invite Vardo Tarot along (more photos here)

[video] A gentle video to help others understand what depression is like for those of us who live with the black dog

This is 50 (thank you, Jen)

Easy miso soup | spicy pork and kale soup | big comfy sweet potato


What I wish I’d known when I started my business

How to cure self-consciousness — wisdom from Martha

I’d buy one for Noah but probably end up keeping it, let’s be honest

Pssst. Did you spot the new thing in the sidebar over there? I’ll be revealing all next week :) xo

8 responses
  1. Sandra kourah

    I saw it this morning and cannot wait to sign up :) You are amazing Susannah and have no idea what an influence you have been on me getting back up on my feet <3

  2. susannah

    ohh, thank you, love! xx

  3. Gemma Petherbridge (@MillysCottage)

    I always love the business card collections people feature on blogs after a visit to an Alt Summit. I would love to go myself one day. Have you ever been Susannah? If so it is worth a visit to the US?

  4. susannah

    I’ve never been but i would love to — maybe next year :)

  5. Iquo

    All those business cards! Makes me wanna redo mine as well! I wish I could go to an Alt Summit too. I wish they had one in Chicago. That would be convenient for me.

  6. Jenna

    Thank you so much for sharing the Jane Goodall link. She has always been one of my personal heroes and that link just made my day and lifted my spirits. It was just what I needed to hear!

  7. Moorea Seal

    Thanks so much for posting about my biz card round up! Oh man, I am just in love with so many of them, SO innovative and quirky.
    xo Moorea

  8. Kelly

    Loved the business cards. Which reminded me I really need some new ones before Blogtacular in London in May.

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