Allowing time for play

I’m back from a weekend at my sister’s and missing Noah already. I have a cold. I have lots to do for next week’s new course but this morning I just wanted to lie on my bed quietly moaning. But instead of doing that, I downloaded a new photo app to my iPhone and played for an hour. Playing is such an important part of the creative process, and playing with images is in my Top Ten Best Things to Do Ever (the other nine are cuddles with Noah, journalling, reading, eating anything delicious, flying anywhere, karoake, standing by the ocean, coffees with my soulsisters, and *cough* hot sex *cough*)

What’s in your top ten?

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  1. Caryn

    These are very cool and inspiring. I’ve just downloaded the app myself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Danielle

    Loved the app Susannah – thanks for sharing.

    Some of my best things ever…

    Wearing wellies
    Crunching through autumn leaves
    Roast dinner
    New discoveries
    Digging in the garden
    Any ocean fierce or still
    A glass of pink bubbles
    Deep and meaningful girl talk
    Letting ice cold river water warm my heart
    Dreams that show me the way
    The sacred pause
    Painted stones


  3. Anne Jutras

    Hello Susannah!

    I’m taking your new course, The sacred alone, I just lost my mother last night, I need to reconnect with myself. Perfect timing!

  4. stephanie

    Finding time for play is essential!
    BTW – awesome app, thanks for sharing.

    My top 10 Best Things to Do are:

    1) Anything with my nephew
    2) Editing photos
    3) Drinking London Fogs
    4) Walking barefoot
    5) Feeling the sun
    6) Floating on an air mattress in the ocean
    7) Dressing up in costume
    8) Eating macaroni and cheese
    9) Cuddling
    10) Watching a fire wrapped in a cosy blanket

  5. Lucy Chen

    Not in any particular order:
    1) Flipping through a colorful magazine
    2) Reading (any kind of books from art, to fiction, to business to spiritual and more)
    3) Drawing
    4) Painting
    5) Writing
    6) Playing with my children when they are “well behaved”
    7) Meeting other artists
    8) Going to zoo
    9) Karaoke (yeh, we Chinese really like that)
    10) Afternoon coffee with myself

  6. Grace

    Great app, Susannah! Thanks for sharing.
    My top ten, in no particular order:
    1. Dinner dates with my husband
    2. Any time spent with my daughters..all three live
    away from home, two overseas
    3. Walks with my terrier
    4. Hanging out with friends
    5. Kayaking, especially on my own
    6. Hiking in the woods
    7. Singing four part harmony
    8. Eating ice cream with hot fudge on top
    9. Visits to Italy
    10. Anything creative

  7. Heather Annais

    thank you for inspiring me. i know play is lacking in my life. time to reacquaint myself.

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