Something for the weekend

Chinatown |

A tiny adventurous Lego photographer (via Kat)

Will it beard

33 prompts to unlock new blog posts + stories that need to be told

What you learn in your 40s

Sweet potato quinoa cakes with avocado-lime dressing | forbidden rice salad | healing miso noodle soup

On bathing — loved this from Rachel

This magazine looks like a must-read

550 free audio books

I need these full moon sticky notes!

Emerging Women podcast with Sera Beak

And finally, my new class, The Sacred Alone, starts on Monday — I’ll keep registration open for another day so if you’re feeling the call to explore your own Sacred Alone, I hope you’ll join us! xo

The Sacred Alone |

4 responses
  1. sperlygirl

    mindful is a wonderful mag – am really enjoying my subscription!

  2. Eileen Weigand

    I just subscribed to Mindful!! Great minds think alike! Ahem…:)

  3. Denise

    I look forward to your “something for the weekend” post every week. I know how much time they take, but please don’t stop. :)

  4. Lucy Chen

    Looking forward to Monday, when The Sacred Alone starts!

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