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[video] This may be the best link I ever share with you — fact.

Step one on the path to self-acceptance — smarts from Christie

In my fantasy future life I have one of these to write in (via Elizabeth)

[video] Does the news do us any good? (love Alain)

Kale ginger detox smoothie | spring panzanella with asparagus | pea tendril + pistachio pesto

How to draw mandalas

[video] The perfect lip sync (Noah would love this)

Photographer explores beauty through facial symmetry

I’m macrobiotically independent — how about you? (thanks Rachel)

I love how lively this home is

And finally, registration is now open for the spring session of Journal Your Life! We go deep in this class, digging into our inner and outer worlds, our dreams, our beliefs and our purpose in this lifetime. There are as many ways to journal as there are people on the planet, so I’ll be sharing my own particular flavour, a mix of traditional pen-and-paper recording + visual mapping, with a side of washi tape thrown in for good measure (stationery addicts unite!). By the end of the course you’ll have a much deeper, more honest, relationship with yourself, and whether you continue to use your Creative Dream Journal or expand into other intuitive ways of journalling, you’ll definitely have the journalling fire burning bright in your life.

The spring session starts on Monday April 7th and runs for six weeks. Registration is happening over HERE — I’d love to see you in class! xo

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  1. Wayfaring Wanderer

    Love this round-up! And your beautiful image!

    Happy Weekend-ing! :-)


  2. Nathalieso

    I’m ethereally bound to my external soul. (added the last bi in my best Palthrow pastiche)

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