Eight years of online adventures

from 2006
[my artsy period circa 2007]

I’ve been blogging for eight years as of yesterday. Eight YEARS! It was a couple of months after my 33rd birthday, one month after the first anniversary of his death. It felt like such a daring thing to do (still does sometimes) but I knew I wanted to join in with the few friends I’d made online. I wanted to write stuff on the internet, too! I didn’t know if I’d have anything to say. I didn’t know if I’d keep at it. I only had a film camera so didn’t know how I’d share photographs. I worried that people would find out who I was so I never revealed my surname. I didn’t tell my mum I had a blog for the first three years. If I’d been able to articulate what I was searching for back then it I probably would have said I wanted to be seen. Not in a showy me-me-me way — rather, I was very carefully shedding the layers of invisibility my grief had wrapped me in. Starting a blog, even if no one read it, was my way of stepping out of my cocoon. It was my first public declaration of healing.

And it completely changed my life.

I don’t know how or why the universe guided me to find that first blog in 2006. Or why I left that first comment. Or how it was I found the courage to write that first post of my own. But it did, and I did, and now I am here. And it hasn’t exactly been a straight line from there to here, but this blog, in all its various incarnations, has been my constant companion. So while it may only be some words and pictures floating around on the internet, this space has come to mean everything to me. A virtual through-line that’s brought community. Friendships. Purpose. Direction. I’ve found all of this and so much more.


Thank you for being here. I’ve no doubt that I’d still be writing even if not a single soul passed by, but I gotta be honest — it’s more fun when we hang out together :)

The space that started it all (though, sadly, not the first post — this is probably the 10th):

My first blog home | SusannahConway.com

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  1. Lauren BURKITT

    Amazing. Sharing your journey has helped so many others along the way. Thank you.

  2. Alexandra

    I remember your blog well in those earliest, difficult days and always have found your writing so meaningful. Glad you started and stayed!

  3. MICHEle M.

    Congratulations Susannah! Although I rarely comment, I’ve read every post- enjoy (and am inspired by!) your written words and images :)
    Warm regards from Montreal, Canada

  4. lisa

    A very big congratulations to you, Susannah!

  5. Sheepskins Fairylights

    Beautifully written Susannah, today & April 2006. Love your blog despite it being a late discovery for me, xx

  6. Meg

    I am so glad you started. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if you hadn’t. <3

  7. Naomi

    Thank YOU, Susannah, for being here, for being who you are and sharing that with us! I’m still so glad I found your blog – it has been a place of such comfort during the past year when I’ve had to deal with some major changes in my life. Actually, I think it’s partly thanks to you that I managed to come out whole on the other side. So thanks again and here’s to the next eight years! :)
    Naomi xx

  8. elle north

    & thank you for being here, for sharing, for opening up & blossoming. Happy 8 years; here’s to many many more.

  9. Jennifer Steck

    Congratulations Susannah. It’s fantastic how much it has changed your life and ours at the same time. You are an inspiration!

  10. Kira Elliott

    Susannah, Congratulations on 8 years! And thank you for continuing to show up on line. When I found your blog two years ago (via your book) it was a life raft in a sea of grief for me. Your words and photos gave me to the courage be with the loss of my partner and to put myself out there creativity— finally. So thank you and may you find many more years of creative work, whatever form that takes.

  11. Maggie

    Hi Susannah. Although I only recently came across you last year, your words and work have truly been a beacon of light and support and wonderfulness as I discover it. Your writing is just beautiful. And your blog, your voice, your truth and your courses incredibly inspiring. It makes me feel more connected to me and braver in my writing and my truth. Thank you, thank you, for being such a light and inspiration for moi! :) xxx

  12. Lisa RedWillow


  13. michelle gd

    woot to the 8!!!
    i’m glad to have crossed paths…

  14. Sheila Bergquist

    All your readers are certainly glad you started a blog! It was actually reading your blog that pushed me to start my own and to be as honest as you are…that was so refreshing and amazing to me. Thank you for the inspiration.

  15. Roxanne

    You inspire!

  16. Nicola

    Through your blog I met you … And through your blog I met your words… And through them I found healing too… Thank you xxxxx and be proud x

  17. Vickie

    congratulations – & here’s to eight more years :)

  18. Carol Cassara

    Congratulations to you!

  19. Edie L.

    Congratulations! 8 Years. Good Job!

  20. Cherie

    It’s amazing what one decision can lead to!

  21. Grace

    Happy anniversary! You have inspired me in so may ways. Keep blogging and sharing your beautiful spirit!

  22. Jeska

    One of my earliest blog discoveries, happy aniversairy! xxx

  23. Jeska

    anniversary! Clicked too soon waaaaa :) x

  24. leaca

    happy-anniversary blogiversary I guess.

  25. Lucy Chen

    Happy Blog Anniversary, Susannah! Eight Years! And look what you’ve achieved from all areas, internally, externally, friends you’ve made and people you’ve helped and inspired, the growth and healing you’ve experienced!

    You’re amazing!

    And I think it was quite an accomplishment to have 20 comments on your very 10th post!

  26. Suzie

    IOMF was one of the very first blogs I started reading when I began my blog in 2009 and I’m still here! Happy anniversary to you :)

  27. Lynn @wanderlynn

    I’ve read your blog longer than any other. I stop to read it when I skim past the others in my reader. You magnify the beauty of this world – the blissful kind and the kind that aches – and are such an inspiration. Thank you for following that whim 8 years ago.

  28. susannah

    oh my goodness, thank you so much for that, Lynn! I’m honoured :) xx

  29. Laura

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary and thank you so much for writing and sharing your experience! Though I’ve only been following your blog for a year or so, I read every post and always enjoy your writing and perspective. I also enjoy the photos and links you share– great stuff I won’t see anywhere else and oh so worth my time to check it out. Thank you again for sharing.

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