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Um, wow. What happened to this week?! There are three blog posts I hoped to start and a tonne of stuff I needed to get done and it’s all been shelved in favour of being sick. Again. That’s what happens when you help throw a birthday party for a darling 4-year-old boy and invite 30 of his little friends! While I lie in my bed and gather my strength *ahem* here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed this week…

[video] A tour of the British Isles in accents | The London bookshop map

These amazing embroidered portraits | these landscapes

Things you don’t want to hear from the other room — I heart Jason

[a podcast] Dani Shapiro on mastering the craft of writing

The best time to write and get ideas according to SCIENCE!

I do love a bit of white noise (via Megg)

SO much goodness over at Andrea’s blog hop (plus a free course!)

Pinterest boards I’m currently obsessed with: Sacred feminine | Yellow is rad | Book friends (a collection of some of my favourite books)

[video] Loving Marianne’s yoga for bloggers taster

Woah. I watched an autopsy and it made me a better human

Happy weekend, loves xo

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  1. Rhianne

    I’m so glad you shared that Medium site Susannah (the autopsy one), I’d never seen it before and I spent most of my afternoon reading stories from other people about depression and even though it was so hard, it did help. So thank you again x

  2. Bobbi Rubinstein

    This noise site is amazing. I’m writing this comment to the sound of rain. I need background noise to be able to concentrate better. Thanks so much and have a great weekend! PS Long time reader, I think this is my first comment.

  3. susannah

    Hi Bobbi! :D

  4. elle north

    I love the links you share…I will read this slowly and luxuriously over the weekend. And my oh my, that flowering tree is stunning!

  5. purplemagnolia

    I am in love with the accents video!

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